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Abstract Over the past five years, librarians, humanities computing researchers, and computer scientists have been working to establish standards for encoding and accessing local and networkedExpand
Evaluating Dewey concepts as a knowledge base for automatic subject assignment
The results of the exploration of the Dewey Decimal Classification (Dewey) are presented, showing that Dewey demonstrates a high degree of class integrity and thus is a good knowledge base for an automatic subject assignment tool for electronic items. Expand
Vocabulary Mapping for Terminology Services
A methodology for mapping terms from one vocabulary to another is presented in the form of a case study applying the approach to the Educational Resources Information Center (ERIC) Thesaurus and the Library of Congress Subject Headings (LCSH). Expand
Automated title page cataloging: A feasibility study
A rule-based system is prototyped to explore the impediments to automating descriptive cataloging from title pages and suggests that it is possible to capture a substantial part of the regularity in title page layout in a small set of rules. Expand
Classification Schemes for Internet Resources Revisited
The prospects are very good for developing effective DDC-based browsing structures to large collections, and the subject trees of Internet directory services in terms categories, hierarchies, and distributions of postings are compared. Expand
Metadata switch: thinking about some metadata management and knowledge organization issues in the ch
How academic library responses create new metadata management and knowledge organization questions is considered, and some of the work in OCLC Research which responds to these issues is outlined. Expand
Cataloging productivity tools
In a continuing effort to improve online cataloging systems, OCLC researchers brought the CD-ROM based Electronic Dewey Decimal Classification (EDDC) into the online cataloging process. A field testExpand
Quality control in online databases
Synthese sur le controle des donnees de bases de donnees bibliographiques. Les methodologies de detection et de controle des erreurs appliquees a la detection des doublons, au reformatage des donneesExpand
A Faceted Approach to Subject Data in the Dublin Core Metadata Record
A new approach to subject vocabulary is being investigated for the Dublin Core metadata record, based on the existing vocabulary in Library of Congress Subject Headings, but applied with a simpler syntax than that currently used by libraries according to Library ofCongress application policies. Expand
FAST: Faceted Application of Subject Terminology