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An Introduction to the Theory of Point Processes
An introduction to the theory of point processes , An introduction to a point processes . Expand
Markov Chains
Stochastic Declustering of Space-Time Earthquake Occurrences
This article is concerned with objective estimation of the spatial intensity function of the background earthquake occurrences from an earthquake catalog that includes numerous clustered events inExpand
Point Processes
  • D. Vere-Jones
  • Computer Science
  • International Encyclopedia of Statistical Science
  • 2011
Analyzing earthquake clustering features by using stochastic reconstruction
[1] On the basis of the epidemic-type aftershock sequence (ETAS) model and the thinning procedure, this paper gives the method about how to classify the earthquakes in a given catalogue intoExpand
Ergodic properties of nonnegative matrices. II
This paper contains an attempt to develop for discrete semigroups of infinite order matrices with nonnegative elements a simple theory analogous to the Perron-Frobenius theory of finite matrices. ItExpand
On quasi-stationary distributions in discrete-time Markov chains with a denumerable infinity of states
Summary Distributions appropriate to the description of long-term behaviour within an irreducible class of discrete-time denumerably infinite Markov chains are considered. The first four sections areExpand
A Generalization of Permanents and Determinants
A method is developed for expanding arbitrary powers of the characteristic polynomial of a matrix. The coefficients are expressed in terms of matrix functions generalizing those of the permanent andExpand
The Entropy Score and its Uses in Earthquake Forecasting
Suppose a forecasting scheme associates a probability p* with some observed outcome. The entropy score given to this forecast is then −logp*. This article provides a review of the background to thisExpand