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MinePath: Mining for Phenotype Differential Sub-paths in Molecular Pathways
We introduce MinePath, a pathway analysis methodology that addresses and overcomes the aforementioned problems. Expand
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Opioids modulate constitutive B-lymphocyte secretion.
The opioid system plays a major role in immunomodulation, while its action on cells of the immune system may be opioid receptor-mediated or not. Opioid effects on B-lymphocytes are considered asExpand
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Dysregulated production of interleukin-1β upon activation of the NLRP3 inflammasome in patients with familial Mediterranean fever.
Familial Mediterranean fever (FMF) is caused by mutations in pyrin, a protein expressed in innate immune cells that interacts with caspase-1 and other inflammasome components to regulate interleukinExpand
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Polymorphism and devitrification of nifedipine under controlled humidity: a combined FT‐Raman, IR and Raman microscopic investigation
FT-Raman and FT-IR spectroscopy and Raman microscopy were employed to identify the structural characteristics of one amorphous and three crystalline phases of nifedipine, a common antihypertensionExpand
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In situ high-throughput study of drug polymorphism under controlled temperature and humidity using FT-IR spectroscopic imaging
Abstract Fourier transform infrared (FT-IR) spectroscopic imaging in combination with a controlled humidity cell was applied to simultaneously monitor crystallisation of several binary mixtures ofExpand
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Opioids increase bladder cancer cell migration via bradykinin B2 receptors.
Data relating opioid treatment and modification of cancer cell migration (a prerequisite of metastasis) both in vitro and in vivo are diverging. In the present report we show that opioids increaseExpand
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A Novel Hantavirus of the European Mole, Bruges Virus, Is Involved in Frequent Nova Virus Coinfections
Abstract Hantaviruses are zoonotic viruses with a complex evolutionary history of virus–host coevolution and cross-species transmission. Although hantaviruses have a broad reservoir host range,Expand
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On the Identification of Circulating Tumor Cells in Breast Cancer
We perform a two-step elimination procedure for the identification of several discriminant factors in peripheral blood that can indirectly reveal the presence of CTCs in breast cancer. Expand
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The role of the pro-apoptotic protein Siva in the pathogenesis of Familial Mediterranean fever: A structural and functional analysis.
Familial Mediterranean fever (FMF) is an autosomal, recessive disease, attributed to mutations in MEFV gene encoding pyrin, which is characterized by recurrent, acute and self-limiting attacks ofExpand
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Significant changes in hepatic transcriptome and circulating miRNAs are associated with diet‐induced metabolic syndrome in apoE3L.CETP mice
Long‐term exposure to excess dietary fat leads to obesity and the metabolic syndrome (MetS). The purpose of the present study was to identify global changes in liver gene expression and circulatingExpand
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