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Key ecological responses to nitrogen are altered by climate change
In this Review the cumulative effects of anthropogenic nitrogen and climate change are considered. Including how climate alters nitrogen cycling and availability, and the impact of nitrogen additionExpand
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Training Tomorrow's Environmental Problem Solvers: An Integrative Approach to Graduate Education
Environmental problems are generally complex and blind to disciplinary boundaries. Efforts to devise long-term solutions require collaborative research that integrates knowledge across historicallyExpand
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Quantifying foliar uptake of gaseous nitrogen dioxide using enriched foliar delta15N values.
The magnitude and impact of gaseous nitrogen dioxide (NO(2)) directly entering the leaves were investigated using foliar nitrogen isotopic composition (delta(15)N) values in tomato (LycopersiconExpand
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Simulated nitrogen deposition enhances the performance of an exotic grass relative to native serpentine grassland competitors
Previous research suggests that atmospheric nitrogen (N) deposition may facilitate the invasion and persistence of exotic plant species in serpentine grasslands, but the relative impact of increasedExpand
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Foliar δ15N is affected by foliar nitrogen uptake, soil nitrogen, and mycorrhizae along a nitrogen deposition gradient
Foliar nitrogen isotope (δ15N) composition patterns have been linked to soil N, mycorrhizal fractionation, and within-plant fractionations. However, few studies have examined the potential importanceExpand
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Foliar δ15N Values as Indicators of Foliar Uptake of Atmospheric Nitrogen Pollution
Publisher Summary Among the cycles of elements important to life, the nitrogen (N) cycle has been the most perturbed beyond its natural state by human activities. One manifestation of thisExpand
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On-road emissions of ammonia: An underappreciated source of atmospheric nitrogen deposition.
We provide updated spatial distribution and inventory data for on-road NH3 emissions for the continental United States (U.S.) On-road NH3 emissions were determined from on-road CO2 emissions data andExpand
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Nitrogen Pollution Is Linked to US Listed Species Declines
Nitrogen (N) pollution is increasingly recognized as a threat to biodiversity. However, our understanding of how N is affecting vulnerable species across taxa and broad spatial scales is limited. WeExpand
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Plant defences mediate interactions between herbivory and the direct foliar uptake of atmospheric reactive nitrogen
Reactive nitrogen from human sources (e.g., nitrogen dioxide, NO2) is taken up by plant roots following deposition to soils, but can also be assimilated by leaves directly from the atmosphere. LeafExpand
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Field Evaluation of Low-Cost Particulate Matter Sensors for Measuring Wildfire Smoke
We collocated three types of low-cost fine PM (PM2.5) sensors with reference instruments near multiple fires in the western and eastern United States with mean absolute errors of less than 10 µg/m3 in the hourly PM2. Expand
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