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Distributed hierarchical processing in the primate cerebral cortex.
In recent years, many new cortical areas have been identified in the macaque monkey. The number of identified connections between areas has increased even more dramatically. We report here on (1) aExpand
Information processing in the primate visual system: an integrated systems perspective.
The primate visual system contains dozens of distinct areas in the cerebral cortex and several major subcortical structures. Expand
The middle temporal visual area in the macaque: Myeloarchitecture, connections, functional properties and topographic organization
The location, topographic organization, and function of the middle temporal visual area (MT) in the macaque monkey was studied using anatomical and physiological techniques. MT is a small,Expand
A neurobiological model of visual attention and invariant pattern recognition based on dynamic routing of information
We present a biologically plausible model of an attentional mechanism for forming position- and scale-invariant representations of objects in the visual world. The model relies on a set of controlExpand
Neural responses to polar, hyperbolic, and Cartesian gratings in area V4 of the macaque monkey.
1. We studied the responses of 103 neurons in visual area V4 of anesthetized macaque monkeys to two novel classes of visual stimuli, polar and hyperbolic sinusoidal gratings. We suspected on bothExpand
Polyneuronal innervation of skeletal muscle in new‐born rats and its elimination during maturation.
1. The events taking place during the elimination of polyneuronal innervation in the soleus muscle of new‐born rats have been studied using a combination of electrophysiological and anatomicalExpand
The projections from striate cortex (V1) to areas V2 and V3 in the macaque monkey: Asymmetries, areal boundaries, and patchy connections
The organization of projections from V1 to areas V2 and V3 in the macaque monkey was studied with a combination of anatomical tecniques, including lesions and tracer injections made in differentExpand
The complete pattern of ocular dominance stripes in the striate cortex and visual field of the macaque monkey
Ocular dominance stripes in the striate cortex of a macaque monkey were labeled by autoradiography after injection of [3H]proline into one eye. The stripes were reconstructed on a representation ofExpand
Cortical connections of areas V3 and VP of macaque monkey extrastriate visual cortex
The cortical connections of visual area 3 (V3) and the ventral posterior area (VP) in the macaque monkey were studied by using combinations of retrograde and anterograde tracers. Tracer injectionsExpand
Functional properties of neurons in middle temporal visual area of the macaque monkey. I. Selectivity for stimulus direction, speed, and orientation.
We investigate the functional organization of the middle temporal area (MT), a small but well-defined visual area in the macaque. Expand