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Microwave Photon-Mediated Interactions between Semiconductor Qubits
The realization of a coherent interface between distant charge or spin qubits in semiconductor quantum dots is an open challenge for quantum information processing. Here we demonstrate both resonantExpand
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Microwave spectroscopy of spinful Andreev bound states in ballistic semiconductor Josephson junctions
The superconducting proximity effect in semiconductor nanowires has recently enabled the study of new superconducting architectures, such as gate-tunable superconducting qubits and multiterminalExpand
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One minute parity lifetime of a NbTiN Cooper-pair transistor
One minute parity lifetimes are reported in a superconducting transistor made of niobium titanite nitride coupled to aluminium contacts even in the presence of small magnetic fields, enabling theExpand
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Magnetic-field-resilient superconducting coplanar-waveguide resonators for hybrid circuit quantum electrodynamics experiments
Superconducting coplanar-waveguide resonators that can operate in strong magnetic fields are important tools for a variety of high-frequency superconducting devices. Magnetic fields degrade resonatorExpand
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A gate-tunable, field-compatible fluxonium
Circuit quantum electrodynamics, where photons are coherently coupled to artificial atoms built with superconducting circuits, has enabled the investigation and control of macroscopicExpand
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Josephson radiation and shot noise of a semiconductor nanowire junction
We measured the Josephson radiation emitted by an InSb semiconductor nanowire junction utilizing photon-assisted quasiparticle tunneling in an ac-coupled superconducting tunnel junction. We quantifyExpand
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Observation of the 4$\pi$-periodic Josephson effect in InAs nanowires
Quantum computation by non-Abelian Majorana zero modes (MZMs) offers an approach to achieve fault tolerance by encoding quantum information in the non-local charge parity states of semiconductorExpand
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Current phase relation in nanowire based Josephson junctions
Submitted for the MAR15 Meeting of The American Physical Society Current phase relation in nanowire based Josephson junctions DANIEL SZOMBATI, STEVAN NADJ-PERGE, ATTILA GERESDI, VINCENT MOURIK, KUNExpand