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Behavioral responses of bobcats and coyotes to habitat fragmentation and corridors in an urban environment
We examined the behavior of bobcats and coyotes in a fragmented urban area northwest of Los Angeles, California, from July 1998 to October 1999. Activity patterns of bobcats and coyotes wereExpand
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Population Dynamics of Bison in the Henry Mountains, Utah
We assessed structure, survival, productivity, and growth of a Bison bison population in southern Utah during 7 years. Consistently female-biased sex ratios resulted from male-biased huntingExpand
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Duration of snow cover and its influence on life-history variation in yellow-bellied marmots
We evaluated the relationship between growing-season phenology, as indicated by time of snow melt, and intrapopulation variation in reproduction and growth of yellow-bellied marmots. The time of snowExpand
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A 32-year demography of yellow-bellied marmots (Marmota flaviventris)
Yellow-bellied marmots Marmota flaviventris in the East River Valley of Colorado were live-trapped and individually marked annually from 1962 through 1993. These pooled data were used to produce aExpand
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Spatial relations of American bison Bison bison and domestic cattle in a montane environment
Restoration of American bison (Bison bison) to montane environments where they once occurred requires information on ecological relationships with domestic cattle (Bos taurus) that now live there.Expand
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Translocation as a Nonlethal Alternative for Managing California Ground Squirrels
To evaluate the efficacy of translocation as a nonlethal management alternative, we determined trapability, post-release survival, site fidelity, and homing ability of experimentally translocatedExpand
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Survival of dispersing and philopatric yellow-bellied marmots: what is the cost of dispersal?
Understanding the evolution of dispersal has been hindered by a lack of reliable measures of the cost of dispersal. We report that survival of dispersing yellow-bellied marmots (Marmota flaviventris)Expand
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We used a combination of Telazol® (3.3 mg/kg) and xylazine hydrochloride (1.6 mg/kg) to immobilize 144 wild pigs (Sus scrofa) with blow darts. This drug combination was safe and effective for rapidlyExpand
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Diets of bison and cattle on a seeded range in southern Utah Crested wheatgrass (Agropyron desertorum), alfalfa (Medicago sativa).
Diets of bison (Bison bison) mnd cattle (Bos taurus) were evaluated on a southern Utah range seeded to crested wheatgrass (Agropyron desertorum) and alfalfa (Medicago sativa). Bison feces comprisedExpand
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Insular Endemic Plants Lack Defenses Against Herbivores
Islands are of special conservation importance because island ecosystems typically support unique biotic communities rich in endemic taxa (Mueller-Dombois 1981). Species endemic to islands, however,Expand
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