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Effect of destruction of the 5-hydroxytryptaminergic pathways on behavioural timing and “switching” in a free-operant psychophysical procedure
Abstract This experiment examined the effect of destruction of the ascending 5-hydroxytryptaminergic (5HTergic) pathways on performance in a free-operant timing schedule. Rats received eitherExpand
Recovery on a Drug Discrimination Learning Task After Brain Transplants: Preliminary Findings
The drug discrimination learning paradigm may be a useful technique to evaluate functional recovery because, in order to perceive and discriminate the drug conditions, the following are required: a) specific pharmacological mechanisms at the cellular level; b) specific brain areas on which the receptors, brain pathways and physiological mechanisms are located for the organization of the response, and c) specific behavioral responses which may provide an index of the functionality of receptors as well as of brain areas. Expand
Effects of halo pendol oit Me perforrmance of a response conditíoned under a fixed-interval schedule
The performonce of an instrumental response, maintained under o fixed-interval schedule, was studied 30 sec., 40 min., 4 hr. and 8 hs.. afterr administering holoperidol, in rats. A marked reductionExpand
Readiness Potential in Parkinson's Disease: Effects of L-Dopa Therapy and Brain Transplants
Differences between normal subjects and PD patients were observed in the amplitude of the RP and MP; the PD patients had lower amplitude than the normals at Cz, C3 and C4. Expand
Dissociative and Discriminative Properties 01 Alcohol 1: Animal Studies
En el presente trabajo se presenta una revision de los trabajos que analizan las propiedades disociativas del alcohol asi como de aquellos en los que se utiliza la administracion de este comoExpand