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Familiar–unfamiliar discrimination based on visual cues in the Jacky dragon, Amphibolurus muricatus
Territorial animals typically have the ability to discriminate between familiar and unfamiliar conspecifics. This enables residents to minimize the costs of resource defence by matching the intensityExpand
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Opponent assessment in lizards: examining the effect of aggressive and submissive signals
During conflict, males often assess their opponent's fighting ability and motivation via dynamic signals. We conducted an interactive video playback study using male Jacky dragons, AmphibolurusExpand
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Proteomics of wheat grain
Abstract The central dogma of molecular biology describes the flow of genetic information from DNA to RNA and to proteins in living biological systems. Newly emerging technologies are being applied,Expand
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On the function of an enigmatic ornament: wattles increase the conspicuousness of visual displays in male fowl
Males of many species perform elaborate displays in which multiple ornaments feature prominently. However, female preferences often depend upon both display movements and a subset of the ornaments.Expand
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Egg incubation temperature affects male reproductive success but not display behaviors in lizards
The complex ritualized displays of males in many territorial species suggest that selection has shaped male behaviors in ways that affect fitness. In this study, we evaluated the link between displayExpand
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The art of {D}ata {A}ugmentation.
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