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Roughness of geodetic ows on compact Riemannian manifolds of negative curvature
A stabilized composition of modified polyphenylene oxide comprising a graft polymer obtained by polymerizing a styrene-type compound in the presence of a polyphenylene oxide with or without aExpand
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The Riemann-Hilbert problem : a publication from the Steklov Institute of Mathematics
Introduction - Counterexample to Hilbert's 21st problem - Irreducible representations - Miscellaneous topics - The case p 3 - Fuchsian equations.
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The case p = 3
For the case p = 3 there is a complete description of all representations, which cannot be realized as the monodromy representations of Fuchsian systems.
The Plemelj theorem
Some ideas which are essential for the proof of Plemelj’s theorem manifest themselves clearly during the proof of the following weaker theorem: for any a l, ... , a n and χ there exists a systemExpand