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Checklist of the marine and estuarine fishes of Madang District, Papua New Guinea, western Pacific Ocean, with 820 new records.
The fish fauna of Madang includes a total of 187 species of transitional waters and 1326 species in marine habitats and 1271 species have a wide distribution range, most frequently a broad Indo-West Pacific distribution. Expand
Phylogenetic and taxonomic status of the coral Goniopora stokesi and related species (Scleractinia: Poritidae) in Japan based on molecular and morphological data
It is found that this species forms daughter colonies in Okinawa, Japan and that free-living colonies in the temperate region, which were formerly recognized as G. stokesi, likely constitute a morphological variation of a separate species. Expand
Elucidating the multiple genetic lineages and population genetic structure of the brooding coral Seriatopora (Scleractinia: Pocilloporidae) in the Ryukyu Archipelago
Populations of Seriatopora in the Ryukyu Archipelago will probably not recover unless there is substantial new recruitment from distant populations, and sexual reproduction maintains the populations of all the genetic lineages. Expand
First records of Parazoanthidae and Microzoanthidae (Anthozoa: Hexacorallia: Zoantharia) from the Red Sea
This poster presents a probabilistic reconstruction of the response of the immune systems of fruit flies to various types of infectious diseases and shows clear patterns of decline in response to various antibiotics. Expand
A new species of parasitic copepod, Sarcotretes umitakae sp. n. (Siphonostomatoida, Pennellidae), on the rattail (Actinopterygii, Macrouridae) from the East China Sea, Japan
Abstract A new species of copepod, Sarcotretes umitakae sp. n., of the siphonostomatoid family Pennellidae is described based on female specimens from the rattail Coelorinchus jordani Smith and PopeExpand
Four new species of splanchnotrophid copepods (Poecilostomatoida) parasitic on doridacean nudibranchs (Gastropoda, Opistobranchia) from Japan, with proposition of one new genus
Four new species of splanchnotrophid copepods are described based on specimens collected from 5 species of doridacean nudibranchs from coastal waters of Japan, one of which, Majimun gen. n. Expand
Geographical distribution affected by the Kuroshio of the fish parasite Cymothoa pulchra (Isopoda: Cymothoidae) in Japanese waters
Based on the present and past sampling records, it is shown that, in Japanese waters, this isopod occurs in coastal areas which are strongly influenced by the Kuroshio. Expand
Species of Taeniacanthus Sumpf, 1871 (Crustacea: Copepoda: Taeniacanthidae) parasitic on boxfishes (Tetraodontiformes: Aracanidae and Ostraciidae) from the Indo-West Pacific region, with descriptions
The four taeniacanthid species reported from boxfishes exhibit variable levels of host-specificity and have broad geographical ranges within the Indo-West Pacific region. Expand
Utilization of alien freshwater fishes by the parasitic copepod Neoergasilus japonicus (Ergasilidae) on Okinawa-jima Island, Japan, with a list of its known hosts
It is shown that this low host-specific species can persist by utilizing alien fishes as hosts even after the native fishes have either disappeared or greatly decreased in abundance. Expand