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On the phylogeny and evolutionary history of pterosaurs
  • D. Unwin
  • Biology
  • Geological Society, London, Special Publications
  • 2003
Abstract Previous cladistic studies of pterosaur relationships suffer from restricted numbers of taxa and characters, incomplete data sets and absence of information on characters, tree structure andExpand
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Evidence for modular evolution in a long-tailed pterosaur with a pterodactyloid skull
The fossil record is a unique source of evidence for important evolutionary phenomena such as transitions between major clades. Frustratingly, relevant fossils are still comparatively rare, mostExpand
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The Pterosaurs: From Deep Time
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An overview of the pterosaur assemblage from the Cambridge Greensand (Cretaceous) of Eastern England
Abstract. The Cambridge Greensand, a remanie deposit that crops out in Cambridgeshire, eastern England, has yielded numerous, though fragmentary, late Early Cretaceous (Albian) vertebrate fossilsExpand
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An Egg-Adult Association, Gender, and Reproduction in Pterosaurs
A pterosaur fossil that includes a small, soft-shelled egg indicates a reproductive strategy like that of crocodilians. A sexually mature individual of Darwinopterus preserved together with an eggExpand
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New pterosaur tracks (Pteraichnidae) from the Late Cretaceous Uhangri Formation, southwestern Korea
Numerous footprints of dinosaurs, pterosaurs and birds, together with arthropod tracks, have been discovered in the upper Cretaceous Uhangri Formation which crops out along the south- westernExpand
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Respiratory Evolution Facilitated the Origin of Pterosaur Flight and Aerial Gigantism
Pterosaurs, enigmatic extinct Mesozoic reptiles, were the first vertebrates to achieve true flapping flight. Various lines of evidence provide strong support for highly efficient wing design,Expand
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A new azhdarchoid pterosaur from the Lower Cretaceous of China and its implications for pterosaur phylogeny and evolution
Toothless pterosaurs played a key role in broadening the taxonomic, morphological and ecological diversity of Cretaceous pterosaurs. Here we report a complete, articulated skeleton of aExpand
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On the systematic and stratigraphic significance of pterosaurs from the Lower Cretaceous Yixian Formation (Jehol Group) of Liaoning, China
Abstract. A reassessment of the systematic relationships of pterosaurs from the Lower Cretaceous Yixian Formation of Liaoning Province, China, shows that Dendrorhynchoides should be reassigned to theExpand
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A survey of pterosaurs from the Jurassic and Cretaceous of the former Soviet Union and Mongolia
Remains of pterosaurs, the dominant aerial vertebrate throughout much of the Mesozoic were, until relatively recently, almost exclusively known from marine and marginal marine sediments of westernExpand
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