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Serine Palmitoyltransferase Regulates de NovoCeramide Generation during Etoposide-induced Apoptosis*
The results implicate serine palmitoyltransferase as the enzyme controlling de novo ceramide synthesis during apoptosis and begin to define a unique function of ceramide generated from this pathway. Expand
Requirement for posttranslational processing of Rac GTP-binding proteins for activation of human neutrophil NADPH oxidase.
Results indicate that processing is required for nucleotide exchange but not for interaction with oxidase components, and suggests that a factor in the cytosol may suppress the activity of Rac1 but not of Rac2. Expand
Neutrophil phospholipase D is activated by a membrane-associated Rho family small molecular weight GTP-binding protein.
Phospholipase D in human neutrophil lysates is activated by GTP gamma S (guanosine 5'-O-(3-thiotriphosphate)), implying the participation of a GTP-binding protein. Reconstitution of GTP gammaExpand
Modulation of the free sphingosine levels in human neutrophils by phorbol esters and other factors.
Endogenous sphingosine was approximately one-tenth the level found in neutrophils when exogenous long-chain bases were added to inhibit protein kinase C, Hence, depending on the subcellular localization of the endogenous versus exogenousLong- chain bases, the amounts of free sphingoine in neutrophic cells might be sufficient to affect the function of these cells. Expand
Relationship Between Physiological Status and Formation of Extracellular Polysaccharide Glycocalyx in Pseudomonas atlantica
  • D. Uhlinger, David C. White
  • Medicine, Chemistry
  • Applied and environmental microbiology
  • 1 January 1983
The formation of glycocalyx was stimulated by the inclusion of galactose as the carbon source and by increased surface area resulting from addition of sand to the medium, with a marked increase in the proportions and absolute amounts of uronic acids as the rate of synthesis increased. Expand
Lipase Activities of p37, the Major Envelope Protein of Vaccinia Virus*
p37, the major protein of the extracellular enveloped form of vaccinia virus, is involved in the biogenesis of the viral double membrane and in egress of virus from the cell. p37 was expressed as aExpand
Nucleotide sequence for yeast dihydrolipoamide dehydrogenase.
Computer analysis shows that yeast dihydrolipoamide dehydrogenase has about 41% amino acid identity with Escherichia coli dihydrologase, and particularly striking is the conservation of sequence in the active site region of the dihydrolysis dehydrogenases from E. coli, yeast, and pig heart. Expand
RhoA and a Cytosolic 50-kDa Factor Reconstitute GTPγS-dependent Phospholipase D Activity in Human Neutrophil Subcellular Fractions (*)
RhoGDI (GDP dissociation inhibitor) is used to selectively extract Rho-type GTPases from the plasma membrane, and immunoprecipitation as well as chromatographic methods to remove cytosolic Rho. Expand
Altered diacylglycerol level and metabolism in neutrophils from patients with localized juvenile periodontitis
Diacylglycerol, a physiological activator of protein kinase C, was elevated nearly twofold in unstimulated peripheral blood neutrophils from patients with localized juvenile periodontitis comparedExpand
Diacylglycerol generation and phosphoinositide turnover in human neutrophils: effects of particulate versus soluble stimuli.
With both agonists, the onset and duration ofgeneration of putative mediators corresponded to the period of generation of O2-, consistent with a role for DAG and/or IP3 in the activation of the respiratory burst. Expand