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Transcriptome analysis of haploid male gametophyte development in Arabidopsis
BackgroundThe haploid male gametophyte generation of flowering plants consists of two- or three-celled pollen grains. This functional specialization is thought to be a key factor in the evolutionaryExpand
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Comparative Analysis of the Arabidopsis Pollen Transcriptome1[w]
We present a genome-wide view of the male gametophytic transcriptome in Arabidopsis based on microarray analysis. In comparison with the transcriptome of the sporophyte throughout development, theExpand
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Pollen-specific gene expression in transgenic plants: coordinate regulation of two different tomato gene promoters during microsporogenesis.
To investigate the regulation of gene expression during male gametophyte development, we analyzed the promoter activity of two different genes (LAT52 and LAT59) from tomato, isolated on the basis ofExpand
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Functional analysis of cis-regulatory elements within the promoter of the tobacco late pollen gene g10
The tobacco gene g10 is preferentially and maximally expressed in mature pollen, shows homology to pectate lyases, and is the putative homologue of the tomato gene lat56. Analysis of regulatoryExpand
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The Arabidopsis thaliana gametophytic mutation gemini pollen1 disrupts microspore polarity, division asymmetry and pollen cell fate.
Pollen development and male gametogenesis are critically dependent upon cell polarization leading to a highly asymmetric cell division termed pollen mitosis I. A mutational approach was adopted inExpand
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Promoter analysis of genes that are coordinately expressed during pollen development reveals pollen-specific enhancer sequences and shared regulatory elements.
We have investigated the functional organization and properties of cis regulatory elements in the promoter regions of two genes from tomato (LAT52 and LAT59) that are preferentially and coordinatelyExpand
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Functional architecture of a late pollen promoter: pollen-specific transcription is developmentally regulated by multiple stage-specific and co-dependent activator elements
The tomato lat52 gene encodes an essential cysteine-rich protein preferentially transcribed in the vegetative cell during pollen maturation. Detailed analyses of the identity, organization and roleExpand
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In vivo studies on the roles of Tic110, Tic40 and Hsp93 during chloroplast protein import.
A multisubunit translocon of the inner envelope membrane, termed Tic, mediates the late stages of protein import into chloroplasts. Membrane proteins, Tic110 and Tic40, and a stromal chaperone,Expand
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SETH1 and SETH2, Two Components of the Glycosylphosphatidylinositol Anchor Biosynthetic Pathway, Are Required for Pollen Germination and Tube Growth in Arabidopsis Online version contains Web-only
Glycosylphosphatidylinositol (GPI) anchoring provides an alternative to transmembrane domains for anchoring proteins to the cell surface in eukaryotes. GPI anchors are synthesized in the endoplasmicExpand
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Expression Patterns of a Novel AtCHX Gene Family Highlight Potential Roles in Osmotic Adjustment and K+ Homeostasis in Pollen Development1[w]
A combined bioinformatic and experimental approach is being used to uncover the functions of a novel family of cation/H+ exchanger (CHX) genes in plants using Arabidopsis as a model. The predictedExpand
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