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Conceptualising forced migration
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War and Ethnicity: Global Connections and Local Violence in North East Africa and Former Yugoslavia
Many of today's wars are explained (by observers) and justified (by participants) as the result of deep and ineradicable ethnic differences. But ethnic differences are not given in nature and theExpand
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D1-D5-P microstates at the cap
A bstractThe geometries describing D1-D5-P bound states in string theory have three regions: flat asymptotics, an anti-de Sitter throat, and a ‘cap’ region at the bottom of the throat. We identifyExpand
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Ethnic federalism : the Ethiopian experience in comparative perspective
Introduction by David Turton Emerging Western models of multination federalism: are they relevant for Africa? by Will Kymlicka Federalism & the management of ethnic conflict: the Nigerian experienceExpand
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Momentum fractionation on superstrata
A bstractSuperstrata are bound states in string theory that carry D1, D5, and momentum charges, and whose supergravity descriptions are parameterized by arbitrary functions of (at least) twoExpand
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Integrability and black-hole microstate geometries
A bstractWe examine some recently-constructed families of asymptotically-AdS3 × S3$$ {\mathbb{S}}^3 $$ supergravity solutions that have the same charges and mass as supersymmetric D1-D5- P blackExpand
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War and ethnicity : global connections and local violence
Introduction - war and ethnicity, David Turton my neighbour, my enemy - the manipulation of ethnic identity and the origins and conduct of war in Yugoslavia, Tom Gallagher an ethnic war that did notExpand
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The flaw in the firewall argument
Abstract A lot of confusion surrounds the issue of black hole complementarity, because the question has been considered without discussing the mechanism which guarantees unitarity. Considering such aExpand
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