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Ecoregion-based conservation in the Carpathians and the land-use implications
Abstract The transition countries of East Central Europe have had to cope with some severe environmental problems inherited from the communist period when urban-industrial development accelerated andExpand
The new Bucharest: Two decades of restructuring
Abstract The Romanian capital became well-known under communism for major construction and redevelopment projects. Bucharest’s post-communist reconstruction has seen a major sectoral change fromExpand
A rural development strategy for the Apuseni Mountains, Romania
The Apuseni Mountains, part of the Western Carpathians, are distinctive in cultural terms because of the highly dispersed settlement patterns that have developed on the high erosion surfaces whereExpand
Cross‐border cooperation: A major element in regional policy in East Central Europe
Abstract Borders in East Central Europe have become much more permeable over the past ten years as formalities have been simplified and many new crossing points have opened. At the same timeExpand
Environmental problems and policies in East Central Europe: A changing agenda
Considerable environmental damage occurred during the socialist era as a consequence of the rapid rate of economic growth with low priority for the quality of life. High levels of air and waterExpand
Privatization in rural Eastern Europe: the process of restitution and restructuring.
Albania, Derek Hall Bulgaria, Frank Carter Czech Republic, Ivan Bicik, Antonin Gotz East Germany, Olivia Wilson Hungary, Zsuzsanna Varga Poland, Wlodzimierz Kurek, Bronislaw Gorz Romania, DavidExpand
Privatization in Rural Eastern Europe
This book focuses on one of the major challenges facing countries in Eastern Europe, namely the creation and maintenance of jobs in the agricultural sector. It argues that future employment willExpand
The Role of NGOs in Environmental Education in South-eastern Europe
Environmental non-governmental organisations (ENGOs) are playing an important role in environmental education in South-eastern Europe. Although some organisations appeared to compromise themselves byExpand
Aspects of Independent Romania's Economic History with Particular Reference to Transition for EU Accession
Contents: Series editor's preface Foreword The Romanian state and its economic development to 1918 Modernisation in Greater Romania 1918-1945: increasing the role of the state The Communist era ofExpand
Environmental Problems in Eastern Europe
Introduction F.W.Carter and D. Turnock 2. Albania D.R. Hall 3. Bulgaria F.W. Carter 4. Czechoslovakia, F.W. Carter 5. Hungary Dr Hinrichsen and I. Lang 6. Poland F.W. Carter 7. Romania D. Turnock 8.Expand