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A review of Capoeta tinca, with descriptions of two new species from Turkey (Teleostei: Cyprinidae)
This paper presents a meta-analysis of the response of birds of Altai Region, Northern Xinjiang during the period of June 21 to 29, 1991 to June 29, 1993 to document the decline in the number of species recorded in this region over this period. Expand
First record of the red-mouthed goby, Gobius cruentatus (Gobiidae), in the Black Sea
Huit gobies ensanglantes, Gobius cruentatus Gmelin, 1789, ont ete recoltes sur la cote sud-est de la mer Noire. C'est le premier signalement de cette espece dans la mer Noire, ce qui permetExpand
Capoeta mauricii n. sp., a new species of cyprinid fish from Lake Beyşehir, Turkey
Abstract Capoeta mauricii n. sp. is described from the Lake Beyşehir drainage, in Central Anatolia, Turkey. It is distinguished from other Anatolian Capoeta by having the lips somewhat fleshy andExpand
Description of a new species of genus Gobio from Turkey (Teleostei: Cyprinidae)
Gobio sakaryaensis, a new species from the Tozman and the Porsuk streams of the Sakarya River drainage (northwesternAnatolia, Black Sea basin), is described. The species is distinguished from otherExpand
Molecular phylogeny of the genus Capoeta (Teleostei: Cyprinidae) in Anatolia, Turkey
It is suggested that four undescribed Capoeta species may exist in Anatolia freshwater and were shaped under paleogeographic conditions such as Pleistocene climate changes in Quarternary period as well as tectonic uplift and faulting, which probably has not changed up to now. Expand
Fish Fauna of Çoruh River and Two First Record for Turkey
Fish fauna in the Coruh River was studied and four species were recorded for the first time for this river and two were new for Turkish ichtyofauna. Expand
A Preliminary Study on Growth Parameters and Mortality Rates of the Barbel (Barbus tauricus escherichi Steindachner, 1897) in Yeşildere Stream, Rize, Turkey
Growth parameters and mortality rates of the Barbus tauricus escherichi population inhabiting in Yesildere Stream were investigated. In particular, age and size distributions, asymptotic growth, andExpand
Three new species of Alburnoides (Teleostei: Cyprinidae) from Euphrates River, Eastern Anatolia, Turkey.
Three new species of Alburnoides are described from the Euphrates River drainages in eastern Anatolia, Turkey, with a well developed ventral keel between pelvic and anal fins and a moderately deep body. Expand
Squalius kottelati, a new cyprinid species (Teleostei: Cyprinidae) from Orontes River, Turkey
Squalius kottelati, new species, is described from the Orontes, Ceyhan and Seyhan rivers in Turkey. It belongs to the S. lepidus group, characterized by a projecting lower jaw. It is distinguishedExpand
The phylogenetic position of Turkish populations within the European Bitterling, Rhodeus amarus (Osteichthyes: Cyprinidae)
The results presented in this study suggest that Anatolian haplotypes should be exhaustively evaluated at the lineage level and related to the three separate Anatolia groups identified within the European Bitterling, which probably originated in the Middle Pleistocene. Expand