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Reconfiguring the User:
Users or consumers have become increasingly prominent in sociological work on technology - as in the social sciences generally. This paper takes up and extends arguments developed by Steve WoolgarExpand
Voronoi-based region approximation for geographical information retrieval with gazetteers
A Voronoi diagram method for generating approximate regional extents from sets of centroids that are respectively inside and external to a region that can be used to assist in answering geographical queries by evaluating spatial relationships. Expand
Geographical Information Retrieval with Ontologies of Place
An ontology of place is presented that combines limited coordinate data with qualitative spatial relationships between places and has been implemented with a semantic modelling system linking non-spatial conceptual hierarchies with the place ontology. Expand
Rapid application development (RAD): an empirical review
The paper discusses seven case studies of RAD projects and compares each to issues relating to a number of RAD principles as represented in methodologies such as the recent open standard known as dynamic systems development method. Expand
Usability Evaluation for Museum Web Sites
This contribution focuses on the evaluation of Web sites as a way of addressing some of the limitations inherent in the non-professional development environment, placed within the context of current museum Web development practice. Expand
Navigation via Similarity: Automatic Linking Based on Semantic Closeness
This paper describes a research project, in which similarity measures have been extended to include imprecise matching over different dimensions of structured classification schemes (subject, space, time), and a semantic hypermedia architecture is outlined. Expand
‘It’s lots of bits of paper and ticks and post‐it notes and things . . .’: a case study of a rapid application development project
An in‐depth case study of a rapid application development (RAD) project and a model of the core features of RAD are developed from literature such as that published on the dynamic systems development method (DSDM). Expand
Semantic Interoperability in Archaeological Datasets: Data Mapping and Extraction Via the CIDOC CRM
A semi-automatic mapping/extraction tool proved an essential component and the viability of the approach is demonstrated by web services and a client application on an integrated data and concept network. Expand
Information systems prototyping in practice
A comprehensive literature review of prototyping is reported from which a taxonomy of prototyped practice is developed from which this analysis guided an empirical study which has collected data on IS practitioners' formulations of the current experience of prototypes in UK IS development organizations. Expand