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Data-driven innovation: switching the perspective on Big Data
The pervasive spread of digital technologies brought an incredible boost in data availability. Companies are dealing with massive amount of data that wait to be exploited. At the same time, scholarsExpand
Exploring the Inbound and Outbound Strategies Enabled by User Generated Big Data: Evidence from Leading Smartphone Applications
The Open Innovation paradigm has been increasingly considered as a relevant approach to innovation. Expand
Give Away Your Digital Services: Leveraging Big Data to Capture Value
The term "freeconomics" was invented to describe the point at which the spread of nuclear energy would make electricity "too cheap to meter" (Anderson 2007). We have yet to reach that point in theExpand
Unveiling the Potentialities Provided by New Technologies: A Process to Pursue Technology Epiphanies in the Smartphone App Industry
When new technologies approach the market, companies usually look for ways to improve existing applications or simply to replace previous technologies. The management literature identifies severalExpand
Platform strategies: how the position in the network drives success
This research shows how the decision of being (or not) a platform provider has an impact on the performances, but the position within the network mediates this impact. Expand
Sharing economy: seeing through the fog
This paper provides a new framework to help managers and academics to consider this field with the right managerial and theoretical lenses. Expand
How do Big Bang Disruptors look like? A Business Model perspective
The breakthrough impact of new-born companies over the last years brought to the definition of Big Bang Disruption, a new kind of innovation that relies on an unencumbered development, an unconstrained growth, and an undisciplined strategy. Expand
A New Path Toward a Hybrid Model
Overview: Implementing Agile principles in large organizations is complex. Indeed, such organizations may struggle to prioritize people over processes, work over documentation, and flexibility overExpand
Give Away Your Digital Services
OVERVIEW: Consumers are getting used to receiving free services in many different fields, and the popularity of the mobile app industry is feeding this phenomenon. Historically, advertising—a typicalExpand