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Adsorption of weak bases from the gas phase on organic ion exchangers
Abstract The adsorption of dimethyl ether and tetrahydrofurane has been investigated at 150 °C on macroreticular ion exchangers of the styrene-divinylbenzene type containing SO 3 H, PO(OH) 2 orExpand
Infrared laser driven degradation of polytetrafluoroethene
Abstract CO 2 laser induced degradation of polytetrafluoroethene yields gaseous tetrafluoroethene, hexafluoropropene and octafluorocyclobutane along with solid polytetrafluoroethene deposited onExpand
The mechanisms of hydrogenolysis and isomerization of hydrocarbons on metals: VII. Isomerization of labeled hexanes and hydrogenolysis of methyl (13C) cyclopentane on a 10% platinum-alumina catalyst
The isomerization of 2-methyl-2-13C, 3-methyl-3-13C, and the hydrogenolysis of methyl-(13C) cyclopentane were studied over a 10% platinum-alumina catalyst at 270 °C, Methylcyclopentane hydrogenolysisExpand
Porous structure of active carbon and ASC whetlerites produced therefrom
A set of samples, including active carbon and ASC-whetlerites, both in their original form and after extraction, all with an identical carbonaceous skeleton, was investigated to specify the porousExpand
Lymphocyte proliferation and T-lymphocyte subsets during experimental immunomodulation of Balb/C mice by Olimunostim.
To objectivize possible immunomodulatory effects of polybacterial lysate Olimunostim (P. acnes, K. pneumoniae, S. aureus), splenic lymphocyte proliferation and T-lymphocyte subsets were followed-upExpand
Polymeric nitrile–palladium chloride complexes and their reaction with olefins
Polymers containing cyano groups connected to the polymeric chain by means of at least one methylene group adsorb palladium dichloride reversibly from its slightly acidic solutions and form surfaceExpand
Ultrasonography of primary liver carcinoma (PLC) and targetted cytologic examination.
A primary liver cell carcinoma was disclosed in 11 cases out of a total of 61 patients with a focal hepatic lesion. The authors investigate the diagnostic significance of abdominal ultrasonographyExpand