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At the Q
On October 31, 1950, trouble brewed inside California’s infamous San Quentin Prison. That afternoon, during the daily exercise regimen, thirteen of the sixteen men condemned to death row sat down andExpand
Evaluation of cross-pointer-type instrument display in landing approaches with a helicopter
SUMMARY - .... An evaluation of a landing-approach instrument display incorporating a cross- pointer presentation has been conducted in landing-approach tests with a helicopter. The display consistedExpand
From Black Power to Prison Power: The Making of Jones V. North Carolina Prisoners' Labor Union
  • D. Tibbs
  • Political Science
  • 15 December 2011
PART I: FOUNDATIONS * At the Q * Negroes with Guns * The Trial of Huey P. Newton * PART II: FORMATIONS * Souls on Ice * A Crisis Erupts * From a Spark to a Raging Fire * PART III: LITIGATIONS *Expand
User's Guide to Solar Finance 2 (SOLFIN2): a computer code for the economic evaluation of alternative end-use energy systems in buildings
The California Energy Commission's SOLFIN2 computer code was developed to provide end-use economic analysis. The methodological procedure is predicated on the comparison of two structures: base andExpand
Peeking Behind the Iron Curtain: How Law Works Behind Prison Walls
This article presents the results of an ethnographic study of the Inmate Disciplinary Process at the Fox Lake Correctional Institution, a minimum/medium security prison located in Fox Lake,Expand
Evaluation of a closed-circuit television display in landing operations with a helicopter
12.5, 25, and 50 mm. Tests were also conducted under normal visual con- ditions and under restricted viewing conditions (both binocular and monocular) with the angular view of the 25-mm lens. ofExpand
Anatomy of a Decision
To fully appreciate the significance of the NCPLU, the larger Prisoner Union Movement, and its connection to race and the Black Power era, one must first understand the trajectory of the JonesExpand
Won and Appealed
On March 18, 1975, Attorney Deborah Mailman entered the Terry Sanford Federal Building and Courthouse located on New Bern Avenue in downtown Raleigh, North Carolina. In her leather briefcase, sheExpand