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Spin Glass Theory and Beyond
This book contains a detailed and self-contained presentation of the replica theory of infinite range spin glasses. The authors also explain recent theoretical developments, paying particular
Ordering, metastability and phase transitions in two-dimensional systems
A new definition of order called topological order is proposed for two-dimensional systems in which no long-range order of the conventional type exists. The possibility of a phase transition
Quantized Hall conductance in a two-dimensional periodic potential
The Hall conductance of a two-dimensional electron gas has been studied in a uniform magnetic field and a periodic substrate potential U. The Kubo formula is written in a form that makes apparent the
Quantization of particle transport
The integrated particle current produced by a slow periodic variation of the potential of a Schr\"odinger equation is evaluated. It is shown that in a finite torus the integral of the current over a
Introduction to Phase Transitions and Critical Phenomena
H E Stanley Oxford: University Press 1971 pp xx + 308 price ?5 In the past fifteen years or so there has been a lot of experimental and theoretical work on the nature of critical phenomena in the
Models of Disorder: The Theoretical Physics of Homogeneously Disordered Systems
Preface 1. Cellular disorder 2. Topographical disorder 3. Continuum disorder 4. The observation of disorder 5. Statistical mechanics of substitutional disorder 6. Thermodynamics of topological
Solution of 'Solvable model of a spin glass'
Abstract The Sherrmgton-Kirkpatrick model of a spin glass is solved by a mean field technique which is probably exact in the limit of infinite range interactions. At and above T c the solution is
Defects and Geometry in Condensed Matter Physics
This book describes the key role played by thermally excited defects such as vortices, disclinations, dislocations, vacancies and interstitials in the physics of crystals, superfluids,
A relation between the density of states and range of localization for one dimensional random systems
The formula of Herbert and Jones (1971) relating the distribution of eigenvalues to the range of localization of an eigenstate for the Anderson model in one dimension is discussed. An explicit