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A Revised Systematic Ichnotaxonomy and Review of the Vertebrate Footprint Ichnofamily Chirotheriidae from the British Triassic
The natural cast of a probable tail impression, associated with Chirotheriidae footprints from the British Triassic is figured for the first time, as is a rare detailed impression of skin and the tarsal region of an Isochirotherium lomasi pes cast. Expand
The Rational Method
The rational method is the basis for design of many small structures, but the size of the drainage basin is limited to a few tens of acres, and the analyst’s responsibility to determine whether the method is applicable or not and justify application of the rational method based on professional judgment. Expand
Water Subdivision for Modeling
Rainfall-Runoff models, such as Hydrologic Modeling System (HEC-HMS), Stormwater Management Model (SWMM), etc., are used for predicting the hydrologic response of watersheds. An issue that to beExpand
Use of the Rational and Modified Rational Method for Hydraulic Design
This report examines the rational and modified rational methods using rainfall-runoff datasets developed from Texas watersheds for application to Texas Department of Transportation hydraulic designExpand
Rapid assembly of complex 3D siloxane architectures.
It is demonstrated that balancing the steric demands at both the hydrosilane and alkoxysilanes, and the careful control of reaction conditions, permits clean condensation reactions to occur in the absence of competing metathesis processes. Expand
Rapid and Efficient Assembly of Functional Silicone Surfaces Protected by PEG: Cell Adhesion to Peptide-Modified PDMS
Two rapid and efficient approaches to silicone surface modification by PEG-linked adhesion peptides are described that give surfaces that can be stored for extensive periods of time without degradation. Expand
Testing the functional tolerance of the Piers-Rubinsztajn reaction: a new strategy for functional silicones.
The Piers-Rubinsztajn reaction, involving B(C(6)F(5))(3)-catalyzed siloxane formation from hydrosilanes + alkoxysilanes, is tolerant of a wide variety of functional groups, and provides a genericExpand
Functional polymer laminates from hyperthermal hydrogen induced cross-linking.
In this new, milder alternative to conventional plasma techniques, neutral molecular hydrogen projectiles were used to create carbon radicals on impacted surfaces by collision-induced dissociation of C-H bonds, and this process was used to cross-link polymers on a polypropylene surface, demonstrating that multiple layers of cross-linked materials could be added. Expand
Highways in the River Environment — Floodplains, Extreme Events, Risk, and Resilience
This manual provides technical guidance and methods for assessing the vulnerability of transportation facilities to extreme events and climate change in riverine environments. The focus isExpand