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Design of luminescent biochips based on enzyme, antibody, or DNA composite layers
The use of beads bearing bioactive molecules to develop generic biochips based on chemi- and electro-chemiluminescent detection was evaluated. The biochips were composed of arrayed biosensors,Expand
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Seeding depth and packing wheel pressure effects on oilseed rape emergence
Oilseed rape (Brassica napus L.), including industrial (rapeseed) and canola quality cultivars, offers potential for doublecropping in the southeastern USA. Early attempts at commercialization ofExpand
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Development of a fluid functionalized lipidic matrix applied to direct in situ polynucleotide detection.
This work presents a new approach for direct detection of polyelectrolytes at the air-water interface, based on the investigation of the interfacial properties of an active lipidic matrix especiallyExpand
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Effect of deoxyribonucleic acid interaction on the interfacial properties of a fluid functionalized lipidic matrix
Abstract This report describes the effects of deoxyribonucleic acid (DNA) on the interfacial properties of an active lipidic matrix designed for polynucleotide immobilization. The synthetic lipidExpand
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Développement de couches lipidiques fonctionnalisées pour la détection spécifique de Brins d'ADN à l'interface air-eau : application à un nouveau concept de biopuce à interface fluide
Une nouvelle methodologie analytique basee sur la fonctionnalisation d'une interface fluide et sur la caracterisation de ses proprietes micromecaniques a ete developpee. Un lipide synthetique porteurExpand
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SST Sample Characterization Analysis of Archive Samples 102-C, 105-C, and 106-C
A major effort at Hanford over the next few years will be to sample and analyze wastes contained in 149 single-shell tanks (SSTs). In preparation for this effort, selected analyses were performed onExpand
Diversity and School Restructuring: Creating Partnerships in a World of Difference
As public school classrooms become increasingly diverse and school reform initiatives take shape, teacher education programs must also change. In large part, a responsiveness to all children isExpand
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