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Requirement for PCNA in DNA Mismatch Repair at a Step Preceding DNA Resynthesis
A two-hybrid system was used to screen yeast and human expression libraries for proteins that interact with mismatch repair proteins. PCNA was recovered from both libraries and shown in the case ofExpand
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Heteroduplex repair in extracts of human HeLa cells.
A general repair process for DNA heteroduplexes has been detected in HeLa cell extracts. Using a variety of M13mp2 DNA substrates containing single-base mismatches and extra nucleotides, extensiveExpand
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Defective mismatch repair in extracts of colorectal and endometrial cancer cell lines exhibiting microsatellite instability.
A replication error (RER+) phenotype, characterized by somatic instability in simple repeated sequences, is associated with several types of cancer. To determine if a defect in DNA replicationExpand
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Responses of employees to cultural adaptation by a foreign manager
This study examined how an often advocated strategy for bridging cultural distance in international business relationships affected participants' responses and behavioral intentions. ParticipantsExpand
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Global careers: New phenomenon or new perspectives?
The concept of global careers has sparked a significant burst of recent research attention. In this article, we introduce this special issue of the Journal of World Business by raising the questionExpand
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Status and Stratification Processes in Organizational Life
Although status and stratification processes have been studied extensively at the societal level in the sociology literature, they continue to be neglected in the study of management andExpand
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Cultural intelligence: A theory-based, short form measure
This article reports the development and validation of a theory-based, short form measure of cultural intelligence (SFCQ). The SFCQ captures the original theoretical intent of a multifaceted cultureExpand
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Fidelity of mammalian DNA replication and replicative DNA polymerases.
Current models suggest that two or more DNA polymerases may be required for high-fidelity semiconservative DNA replication in eukaryotic cells. In the present study, we directly compare the fidelityExpand
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Quality of Mental Health Care at a Student-Run Clinic: Care for the Uninsured Exceeds that of Publicly and Privately Insured Populations
Diagnosing and treating depression in a primary care practice is an important, yet difficult task, especially for safety-net practices serving the uninsured. In the United States healthcare system,Expand
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