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Invitation to fixed-parameter algorithms
  • D. Thilikos
  • Computer Science
  • Comput. Sci. Rev.
  • 1 December 2007
This is a review of the recent book by Rolf Niedermeier on fixed-parameter algorithms. It contains a critical description of the covered material, a comparison with other books dedicated to the sameExpand
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Dominating sets in planar graphs: branch-width and exponential speed-up
Graph minors theory, developed by Robertson & Seymour, provides a list of powerful theoretical results and tools. However, the wide spread opinion in Graph Algorithms community about this theory isExpand
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(Meta) Kernelization
Polynomial time preprocessing to reduce instance size is one of the most commonly deployed heuristics to tackle computationally hard problems. In a parameterized problem, every instance I comes withExpand
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On Graph Powers for Leaf-Labeled Trees
We extend the well-studied concept of a graph power to that of a k-leaf powerG of a tree T: G is formed by creating a node for each leaf in the tree and an edge between a pair of nodes if and only ifExpand
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Constructive Linear Time Algorithms for Branchwidth
Let G k be the class of graphs with branchwidth at most k. In this paper we prove that one can construct, for any k, a linear time algorithm that checks if a graph belongs to G k and, if so, outputsExpand
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Parameterized complexity of finding regular induced subgraphs
The r-Regular Induced Subgraph problem asks, given a graph G and a non-negative integer k, whether G contains an r-regular induced subgraph of size at least k, that is, an induced subgraph in whichExpand
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Searching Is Not Jumping
This paper is concerned with the graph searching game: we are given a graph containing a fugitive (or lost) entity or item; the goal is to clear the edges of the graph, using searchers; an edge isExpand
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Bidimensionality and kernels
Bidimensionality theory appears to be a powerful framework in the development of meta-algorithmic techniques. It was introduced by Demaine et al. [J. ACM 2005] as a tool to obtain sub-exponentialExpand
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Fugitive-Search Games on Graphs and Related Parameters
Abstract The goal of a fugitive-search game on a graph is to trap a fugitive that hides on the vertices of the graph by systematically placing searchers on the vertices. The fugitive is assumed toExpand
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Fast Parameterized Algorithms for Graphs on Surfaces: Linear Kernel and Exponential Speed-Up
Preprocessing by data reduction is a simple but powerful technique used for practically solving different network problems. A number of empirical studies shows that a set of reduction rules forExpand
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