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Consensus Clock Synchronization for Wireless Sensor Networks
This paper describes a new technique for clock synchronization in WSNs called consensus clock synchronization that provides internal synchronization to a virtual consensus clock. Expand
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The synthesis of surface reactance using an artificial dielectric
A thin artificial dielectric layer consisting of a rectangular array of closely spaced, thin conductive cylinders (pins), was constructed above a perfectly conducting ground plane. The reactance ofExpand
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Switched Parasitic Antennas for Cellular Communications
From the Publisher: "Switched Parasitic Antennas for Cellular Communications introduces practitioners to the basic concepts and wide range of potential applications of switched parasitic antennas,Expand
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Base-station tracking in mobile communications using a switched parasitic antenna array
A novel technique for electronically directing the radiation pattern of an antenna array employs a directional array with only one active element and three parasitic elements operating near resonance. Expand
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An integrated swimming monitoring system for the biomechanical analysis of swimming strokes
This paper describes the development of a complete wearable swimming system for performance analysis, together with a sample application. The system comprises wearable nodes, data processing tools inExpand
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The Impact of Reduced Conductivity on the Performance of Wire Antennas
Low cost methods of antenna production primarily aim to reduce the cost of metalization. This might lead to a reduction in conductivity. A systematic study on the impact of conductivity is presented.Expand
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Measurement of Energy Expenditure in Elite Athletes Using MEMS-Based Triaxial Accelerometers
Fitness development and performance assessment of elite athletes requires an understanding of many physiological factors, many of these are direct and indirect measures of athlete energy expenditure.Expand
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Flexible, light-weight antenna at 2.4GHz for athlete clothing
Linearly polarized rectangular patch antennas printed on light-weight cotton clothing are subject to both convex and concave bending. Changes in resonant frequency resulting from H plane bending areExpand
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Determining maximum push-off velocity in swimming using accelerometers
The ability to unobtrusively measure velocity in the aquatic environment is a fundamental challenge for engineers and sport scientists. In the past video systems were the first choice to monitor theExpand
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An assessment of cable radiation effects on mobile communications antenna measurements
Standard methods of antenna assessment require their connection via coaxial cable to a network analyser. For portable communications equipment, this situation is quite different from the standardExpand
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