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The Hot Core around the Low-Mass Protostar IRAS 16293–2422: Scoundrels Rule!
While warm dense gas is prevalent around low-mass protostars, the presence of complex saturated molecules—the chemical inventory characteristic of hot cores—has remained elusive in such environments.Expand
In-orbit performance of Herschel-HIFI
Aims. In this paper the calibration and in-orbit performance of the Heterodyne Instrument for the Far-Infrared (HIFI) is described. Methods. The calibration of HIFI is based on a combination ofExpand
Localized sources of water vapour on the dwarf planet (1) Ceres
The detection of water vapour around Ceres is reported, with at least 1026 molecules being produced per second, originating from localized sources that seem to be linked to mid-latitude regions on the surface. Expand
CO line emission from circumstellar envelopes
Aims. We present the results of a multi-transition CO observational program conducted on a sample of AGB and post-AGB stars envelopes. We have collected maps and single pointing observations of theseExpand
Low sulfur depletion in the Horsehead PDR
Aims.We present 3.65'' × 3.34'' angular-resolution IRAM Plateau de Bure Interferometer (PdBI) observations of the CS J = 2-1 line toward the Horsehead Photodissociation Region (PDR), complementedExpand
It is concluded that the [C ii] emitting column relative to the total dust column along each line of sight is responsible for the observed L[C ii?]/LFIR variations through the cloud. Expand
Density structure of the Horsehead nebula photo-dissociation region
We present high angular resolution images of the H2 1-0 S(1) line emission obtained with the Son of ISAAC (SOFI) at the New Technology Telescope (NTT) of the Horsehead nebula. These observations areExpand
Are PAHs precursors of small hydrocarbons in photo-dissociation regions? The Horsehead case
We present maps at high spatial and spectral resolution in emission lines of CCH, c-C3H2, C4H, 12CO and C18O of the edge of the Horsehead nebula obtained with the IRAM Plateau de Bure InterferometerExpand
Carbon budget and carbon chemistry in Photon Dominated Regions
We present a study of small carbon chains and rings in Photon Dominated Regions (PDRs) performed at millimetre wavelengths. Our sample consists of the Horsehead nebula (B33), the ? Oph L1688 cloudExpand
Interstellar OH+, H2O+ and H3O+ along the sight-line to G10.6–0.4
We report the detection of absorption lines by the reactive ions OH + ,H 2O + and H3O + along the line of sight to the submillimeter continuum source G10.6−0.4 (W31C). We used the Herschel HIFIExpand