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The construction and validation of a Death Anxiety Scale.
  • D. Templer
  • Psychology, Medicine
  • The Journal of general psychology
  • 1 April 1970
(1970). The Construction and Validation of a Death Anxiety Scale. The Journal of General Psychology: Vol. 82, No. 2, pp. 165-177.
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The Construction of a Pet Attitude Scale
An 18-item Likert-format Pet Attitude Scale was developed. It was found to have a Chronbach’s Alpha of.93 and test-retest reliability of .92. Correlations with the Mini-Mult, Eysenck PersonalityExpand
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Parameters of sexual contact of boys with women
The incidence of sexual contact with boys by women was found more prevalent than had been contended in the clinical literature. Male penitentiary inmates reported higher heterosexual contact asExpand
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Death Depression Scale-Revised
A 21-item Death Depression Scale-Revised was constructed to be more independent of death anxiety than the original 17-item Death Depression Scale. This new instrument had a Chronbach's alpha of .92,Expand
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Construction of a Death Anxiety Scale–Extended
A 51-item Death Anxiety Scale—Extended was constructed. This scale consists of the 15 Death Anxiety Scale items plus 36 new items which were generated on a rational basis that both survived contentExpand
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Season of birth in multiple sclerosis
The monthly distribution of births of people who were later diagnosed with multiple sclerosis differed significantly from that of the general population in Denmark. The multiple sclerosis patientsExpand
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Correlational and factor analytic support for Rushton's differential K life history theory
Abstract The present study examines predictions from Rushton’s differential K theory that diverse traits covary with intelligence, reproductive strategies, speed of maturation, parental care, andExpand
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National Differences in Intelligence, Crime, Income, and Skin Color.
Abstract National differences in murder, rape, and serious assault were examined in 113 countries in relation to national IQ, income, skin color, birth rate, life expectancy, infant mortality, andExpand
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Death Anxiety Scale Means, Standard Deviations, and Embedding
A table of means and standard deviations on the Death Anxiety Scale for 23 categories of Ss was presented. Embedding of the Scale's items apparently had little or no effect upon scores.
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The measurement of death depression.
A 17-item true-false Death Depression Scale with good internal consistency and face validity was constructed and found to have six factors--death despair, death loneliness, death dread, deathExpand
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