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The role of enclosures in the recovery of woody vegetation in degraded dryland hillsides of central and northern Ethiopia
Abstract The role of enclosures in the recovery of woody vegetation was investigated by studying species composition, density, diversity and regeneration status of woody species and soil seed banksExpand
Some biological characteristics that foster the invasion of Prosopis juliflora (Sw.) DC. at Middle Awash Rift Valley Area, north-eastern Ethiopia
Abstract A study on some biological features of Prosopis juliflora , a multipurpose leguminous species introduced to Ethiopia, was carried out at Melka-Worer, North-east Ethiopia. The study focusedExpand
Changes of ecosystem service values in response to land use/land cover dynamics in Munessa-Shashemene landscape of the Ethiopian highlands.
Land use/land cover (LULC) dynamics alter ecosystem services values (ESVs), yet quantitative evaluations of changes in ESVs are seldom attempted. Using Munessa-Shashemene landscape of the EthiopianExpand
Ethnomedicinal plant knowledge and practice of the Oromo ethnic group in southwestern Ethiopia
An ethnomedicinal study was conducted to document the indigenous medicinal plant knowledge and use by traditional healers in southwestern Ethiopia from December 2005 to November 2006. Data wereExpand
Land Use/Land Cover Change Analysis Using Object-Based Classification Approach in Munessa-Shashemene Landscape of the Ethiopian Highlands
The objective of this study was to analyze land use/land cover (LULC) changes in the landscape of Munessa-Shashemene area of the Ethiopian highlands over a period of 39 years (1973–2012). Expand
Climate–growth relationships of the dominant tree species from semi-arid savanna woodland in Ethiopia
Long-term climate–growth relationships, were examined in tree rings of four co-occurring tree species from semi-arid Acacia savanna woodlands in Ethiopia. The main purpose of the study was to proveExpand
Native woody species regeneration in exotic tree plantations at Munessa-Shashemene Forest, southern Ethiopia
Regeneration of native woody species was studied in the plantations and the adjacent natural forest at Munessa-Shashemene Forest Project Area, Ethiopia. The aim of the study was to test theExpand
Diversity and regeneration status of woody species in Tara Gedam and Abebaye forests, northwestern Ethiopia
A study was conducted in Tara Gedam and Abebaye forests l, northwestern Ethiopia to investigate the diversity, regeneration status, socio-economic importance and the factors causing destruction ofExpand
Soil seed flora, germination and regeneration pattern of woody species in an Acacia woodland of the Rift Valley in Ethiopia
The objectives of this study were to determine the composition, density and spatial distribution of the soil seed bank of woody species, as well as their regeneration pattern in two different landExpand
Germination ecology of twelve indigenous and eight exotic multipurpose leguminous species from Ethiopia
Abstract The germination requirements of seeds of 20 leguminous species were studied in three experiments. In the first experiment, seeds were subjected to mechanical scarification, sulphuric acidExpand