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Geometric structure of the femoral neck measured using dual‐energy X‐ray absorptiometry
An algorithm was developed to estimate the strength of the femoral neck from data generated by the dual‐energy x‐ray absorptiometry (DXA). This algorithm considers shape of the proximal femur as wellExpand
Dairy Calcium is Related to Changes in Body Composition during a Two-Year Exercise Intervention in Young Women
Objective: Relationships between micronutrients and dairy product intake and changes in body weight and composition over two years were investigated. Design: Two year prospective non-concurrentExpand
Vitamin D: emerging new roles in insulin sensitivity
The growing incidence of prediabetes and clinical type 2 diabetes, in part characterised by insulin resistance, is a critical health problem with consequent devastating personal and health-careExpand
Previous milk consumption is associated with greater bone density in young women.
BACKGROUND Dietary calcium and milk intakes at specific ages may influence bone mineral measures at specific sites during development of peak bone mass. OBJECTIVE Relations of previous milk intakeExpand
Impact of exercise on bone health and contraindication of oral contraceptive use in young women.
PURPOSE The effect of quantified resistance and high impact exercise training on bone mass as modified by age and oral contraceptive (OCont) use in young women was studied. METHODS Women wereExpand
Dairy products do not lead to alterations in body weight or fat mass in young women in a 1-y intervention.
BACKGROUND Previous results suggested that increased intake of dairy calcium is associated with reduced weight and fat mass. OBJECTIVE The purpose of this study was to determine whether long-termExpand
Dietary calcium, protein, and phosphorus are related to bone mineral density and content in young women.
BACKGROUND Dietary factors have been implicated in modifying bone health, although the results remain controversial, particularly in young women. OBJECTIVE The objective of the study was toExpand
Calcium and Dairy Product Modulation of Lipid Utilization and Energy Expenditure
Objective: The purpose of this study was to investigate the impact of dietary calcium or dairy product intake on total energy expenditure (TEE), fat oxidation, and thermic effect of a meal (TEM)Expand
Dairy-Rich Diets Augment Fat Loss on an Energy-Restricted Diet: A Multicenter Trial
A 12-week randomized controlled multi-center clinical trial was conducted in 106 overweight and obese adults. Diets were designed to produce a 2,093 kJ/day energy deficit with either low calcium (LC;Expand
Vitamin D supplementation during exercise training does not alter inflammatory biomarkers in overweight and obese subjects
The purpose of this study was to examine the effects of vitamin D supplementation on inflammatory biomarkers in overweight and obese adults participating in a progressive resistance exercise trainingExpand