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Quantitative Assessment of Some Factors Limiting Seed Set in Buckwheat
A healthy buckwheat (Fagopyrum esculentum Moench) plant produces numerous flowers but few seeds. The objective of this study was to investigate mechanisms responsible for the low frequency of seedExpand
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Fluid viscous dampers for high‐rise buildings
Using supplemental fluid viscous dampers to dissipate energy and reduce building response to dynamic inputs is gaining worldwide acceptance. The concept of supplemental dampers added to a structureExpand
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Optical Communication Using Subcarrier PSK Intensity Modulation Through Atmospheric Turbulence Channels
  • J. Li, J. Liu, D. Taylor
  • Mathematics, Computer Science
  • IEEE Transactions on Communications
  • 20 August 2007
An upper bound on BER is derived for optical communication systems employing convolutional codes and subcarrier BPSK modulation in the presence of atmospheric turbulence. Expand
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Adaptive Negative Stiffness: New Structural Modification Approach for Seismic Protection
AbstractYielding can be emulated in a structural system by adding an adaptive negative stiffness device (NSD) and shifting the yielding away from the main structural system, leading to the new ideaExpand
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Performance Assessment of a Highway Bridge Structure employing Adaptive Negative Stiffness for Seismic Protection
A negative stiffness device has been tested within a quarter-scale highway bridge model on the seismic shaking table at the University at Buffalo Network for Earthquake Engineering Simulation (NEES)Expand
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Negative Stiffness Device for Seismic Protection of Structures
AbstractStructural weakening and addition of damping is an approach previously proposed for the reduction of seismic forces and drifts in the retrofit of structures. It is also used in the design ofExpand
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Electrorheological damper with annular ducts for seismic protection applications
This paper presents the design, analysis, testing and modeling of an electrorheological (ER) fluid damper developed for vibration and seismic protection of civil structures. The damper consists of aExpand
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Simulated Bilinear-Elastic Behavior in a SDOF Elastic Structure Using Negative Stiffness Device: Experimental and Analytical Study
AbstractThe acceleration and base shear of structures during strong ground motion can be attenuated by achieving bilinear-elastic behavior without any permanent displacement—also referred to asExpand
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Fluid inertial dampers which operate on the principle of fluid flow through orifices have found numerous applications in the shock isolation of military hardware. Expand
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