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Male peer support and a feminist routing activities theory: Understanding sexual assault on the college campus
Routine activities theorists traditionally have assumed offenders' motivation and victims' suitability from demographic correlates, and have done little to study effective guardianship. In this paperExpand
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Mental Health Tribunals—Rights, Protection, or Treatment? Lessons from the ARC Linkage Grant Study?
This article reports possible operational or policy implications for Mental Health Tribunals (‘MHTs’) of findings from a multi-year Australian collaborative study of mental health review tribunals inExpand
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DNA and the Changing Face of Justice
Abstract Focusing on the impact of DNA evidence in jury trials, evidence for the existence of multiple posited forms of the “CSI effect” is reviewed. The most popular version of the effect, that itExpand
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A Sorcery Hunt in Dagomba
I do not know what events led up to the sorcery hunt in Savelugu, but in Nanton the sorcerer-finders came on the invitation of the Nantonlana. His invitation was given because, it is said, muchExpand
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The Invisible Sanction: Suspended Sentences in Victoria 1985–1991
Do suspended prison sentences keep down the prison population? This objective lay behind the introduction of this measure to Victoria in 1985. British literature on suspended sentences suggests thatExpand
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Practices, Policies and Procedures that Influence Juror Satisfaction in Australia
In 2005, the Criminology Research Council commissioned a study of practices, policies and procedures affecting juror satisfaction in New South Wales, Victoria and South Australia, where juryExpand
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Coercion is Coercion? Reflections on Trends in the use of Compulsion in Treating Anorexia Nervosa
Objective: This paper explores similarities and differences between formal coercion and other forms of ‘strong persuasion’ in clinical decision-making about medical management of patients with severeExpand
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Institutional options in management of coercion in anorexia treatment: the antipodean experiment?
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Reflections on coercion in the treatment of severe anorexia nervosa.
BACKGROUND The high mortality of severe anorexia nervosa causes clinicians to consider any legal avenues for coercing acutely-ill patients to remain in treatment or refeeding programs, such as mentalExpand
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