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Partially Ionized Gases
M Mitchner and Charles H Kruger Jr Chichester: J Wiley 1973 pp 518 price £13.95 Sandy Brown of MIT and his publishers (Wiley) have been encouraged by the enormous success of Basic Data of PlasmaExpand
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Heat flow to the workpiece from a TIG welding arc
Less than half of the heat generated in a TIG welding arc (typically 1600 W at 16 V, 100 A) is transferred to the workpiece (anode). Convection, conduction and radiation from the gas occur over theExpand
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Energy Methods in Electromagnetism
P Hammond 1981 Oxford: Oxford University Press vii + 180 pp price £18 This volume is in the Oxford series of Monographs in Electrical and Electronic Engineering, edited by Professor Hammond and DrExpand
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Statistics of circuit-breaker performance
A wide range of data is presented which shows that the electrical performance of high-voltage a.c. circuit breakers is statistical. The electrical performance cannot be characteristed by a singleExpand
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Characteristics of a rocking wave power device
THE possibility of extracting a large proportion (more than 80%) of the total wave power from water waves has been demonstrated experimentally1 using a specially contoured rocking device. InExpand
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The technical and economic status of wind energy
Description de la situation europeenne en matiere de developpement de l'energie eolienne: problemes environnementaux et institutionnels. Comparaison avec les formes eoliennes californiennes
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Wind energy and the environment
Off-shore wind power, D.T.Swift-Hook the technical and economic status of wind energy, D.Lindley and D.T.Swift-Hook local authority rating of the WEG Ltd wind turbine generator in Devon, R.Lord theExpand
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Wind energy — it's the cheapest
Alternative energy has come of age with wind power now presenting a viable economic substitute for nuclear and coal
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Asimov's Guide to Science Vol 1: The Physical Sciences Vol 2: The Biological Sciences
Isaac Asimov Harmondsworth: Penguin 1975 Vol 1: pp ix + 553 price £1.50 Vol 2: pp v + 470 price £1.25 Readability should be the keynote of any Pelican book and Professor Isaac Asimov's reputation asExpand