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Orientia tsutsugamushi is the etiological agent of scrub typhus, a mite-borne, febrile illness that occurs in the Asia-Pacific region. We conducted strain characterization of O. tsutsugamushi(More)
Success with rIL-2 immunotherapy of human cancer appears to depend on the administration of high doses which are frequently associated with excessive toxicity. Future use of rIL-2 will require(More)
Kangaroo care (KC) has been the intervention for preterm infants in numerous published studies. However, most well designed studies to date have used a one-group repeated measure design. This(More)
A novel series of erythromycin derivatives has been discovered with potent activity against key respiratory pathogens, including those resistant to erythromycin. These compounds are characterized by(More)
BACKGROUND Most parents are very concerned about the height of their children. Biochemical markers of bone formation and resorption may provide useful clinical predictors for bone growth.(More)