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Genera et species Orchidalium. 1.
The following new taxa of the subfamily Thelymitroideae (Orchidaceae) are described: Jonesiopsis Szlach., gen. nov., Oligochaetochilus Szlach., gen. nov., Plumatichilos Szlach., gen. nov.,Expand
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Reclassification of the Angraecum-alliance (Orchidaceae, Vandoideae) based on molecular and morphological data
Abstract Results of molecular analysis compared with morphological studies were used for reclassification of the Angraecumalliance (Orchidaceae). For the purpose of this study we sequenced the ITSExpand
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Evolution, pollination, and systematics of the tribeNeottieae (Orchidaceae)
The various classifications of the orchid tribeNeottieae are reviewed and a new classification is proposed that divides the tribe into three subtribes,Neottiinae, Limodorinae, andCephalantherinae,Expand
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Lophiarella Szlach., Mytnik & Romowicz, gen. nov. and Heteranthocidium Szlach., Mytnik & Romowicz, gen. nov. (Orchidaceae, Vandoideae, Oncidieae) are described as new genera. Their taxonomicExpand
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Global warming not so harmful for all plants - response of holomycotrophic orchid species for the future climate change
Current and expected changes in global climate are major threat for biological diversity affecting individuals, communities and ecosystems. However, there is no general trend in the plants responseExpand
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Notes on the subtribe Chloraeinae [Orchidaceae]
The current and past taxonomic status of Chloraeinae is presented; concepts of subtribe origin are also discussed. Two genera are described as new to science: Chileorchis Szlach., gen. nov.,Expand
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Taxonomic placement of Paphiopedilum canhii (Cypripedioideae; Orchidaceae) based on cytological, molecular and micromorphological evidence.
Paphiopedilum canhii was discovered in Northern Vietnam. Since its description in 2010, it has caused a stir among taxonomists due to its interesting mixture of morphological features, i.e. marbled,Expand
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Notes on Erycina-complex with descriptions of new Colombian species
The morphological differences between orchid genera synonymized recently under the name Erycina, i.e., Psygmorchis, Stacyella and Erycina s.str. were evaluated. The results of the revisionExpand
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