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Lexical access during sentence comprehension: (Re)consideration of context effects
The effects of prior semantic context upon lexical access during sentence comprehension were examined in two experiments. In both studies, subjects comprehended auditorily presented sentencesExpand
The access and processing of idiomatic expressions
Two experiments examined the nature of access, storage, and comprehension of idiomatic phrases. Expand
The role of structure in coreference assignment during sentence comprehension
This paper examines the role of symtactic constraints on the reactivation and assignment of antecedents to explicit and implicit anaphoric elements during sentence comprehension. Expand
Brain potentials elicited by garden-path sentences: evidence of the application of verb information during parsing.
Event-related potentials were recorded from 13 scalp locations while participants read sentences containing a syntactic ambiguity. In Experiment 1, syntactically disambiguating words that wereExpand
Accessing lexical ambiguities during sentence comprehension: Effects of frequency of meaning and contextual bias
Two hypotheses concerning the nature of lexical access, the exhaustive access and the terminating ordered search hypotheses, were examined in two separate studies using a crossmodal lexical primingExpand
Coreference processing and levels of analysis in object-relative constructions; Demonstration of antecedent reactivation with the cross-modal priming paradigm
This paper is concerned with two related issues in sentence processing-one methodological and one theoretical. Methodologically, it provides an unconfounded test of the ability of the cross-modalExpand
The Effects of Focal Brain Damage on Sentence Processing: an examination of the neurological organization of a mental module
The effects of prior semantic context upon lexical access during sentence processing were examined for three groups of subjects; nonfluent agrammatic (Broca's) aphasic patients; fluent (Wernicke's)Expand
How left inferior frontal cortex participates in syntactic processing: Evidence from aphasia
We report on three experiments that provide a real-time processing perspective on the poor comprehension of Broca's aphasic patients for non-canonically structured sentences. In the first experimentExpand
Syntactic Processing in Aphasia
In this report we comment upon subject selection and methodology, and we describe some recent studies of syntactic processing in aphasia. Our data show that, like neurologically intact subjects,Expand
An On-Line Analysis of Syntactic Processing in Broca′s and Wernicke′s Aphasia
This paper is about syntactic processing in aphasia. Specifically, we present data concerning the ability of Broca's and Wernicke's aphasic patients to link moved constituents and empty elements inExpand