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Function of Mitochondrial Stat3 in Cellular Respiration
Data indicate that Stat3 is required for optimal function of the ETC, which may allow it to orchestrate responses to cellular homeostasis. Expand
Release of reactive nitrogen intermediates and reactive oxygen intermediates from mouse peritoneal macrophages. Comparison of activating cytokines and evidence for independent production.
Testing as a sole agent, IFN-gamma was the only one of the 12 cytokines capable of inducing both NO2- and H2O2 release and the pathways leading to secretion of H2 O2 and No2- are independent. Expand
Mammalian nitric oxide synthases.
This report summarizes some of the current information regarding NO synthase structure-function, reaction mechanism, control of catalysis, and protein interactions. Expand
Nitric oxide. A macrophage product responsible for cytostasis and respiratory inhibition in tumor target cells
A metabolic pathway of activated macrophages (M phi) involving oxidation of the guanido nitrogens of L-arginine is required for inhibition of growth and respiration of some target cells. The goal ofExpand
Structure-function aspects in the nitric oxide synthases.
  • D. Stuehr
  • Chemistry, Medicine
  • Annual review of pharmacology and toxicology
  • 1997
This chapter summarizes information regarding the structure-function aspects of the NOSs, which includes composition of the domains, the protein residues and regions involved in prosthetic group binding, catalytic properties of the domain, the relationship between dimeric structure and prosthetic Group binding and function, and factors that control assembly of NOS in cells. Expand
Structure of nitric oxide synthase oxygenase dimer with pterin and substrate.
Crystal structures of the murine cytokine-inducible nitric oxide synthase oxygenase dimer with active-center water molecules, the substrate L-arginine (L-Arg), or product analog thiocitrulline revealExpand
Structural Basis for Isozyme-specific Regulation of Electron Transfer in Nitric-oxide Synthase*[boxs]
This work addresses current questions regarding NOS activity and regulation by combining mutagenesis and biochemistry with crystal structure determination of a fully assembled, electron-supplying, neuronal NOS reductase dimer and structurally elucidate the unique mechanisms for isozyme-specific regulation of electron transfer in NOS. Expand
Induction of nitrite/nitrate synthesis in murine macrophages by BCG infection, lymphokines, or interferon-gamma.
Results indicate that T cell lymphokines and IFN-gamma are powerful modulators of macrophage nitrite/nitrate synthesis during BCG infection and in vitro, and nitrite / nitrate synthesis appears to be common property of both primed and fully activated macrophages. Expand