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The Far-Ultraviolet Oxygen Airglow of Europa and Ganymede
Far-UV spectra of Europa and Ganymede, acquired by the Hubble Space Telescope Goddard High Resolution Spectrograph, indicate that, in addition to faintly reflected sunlight, both satellites emit O I
Detection of an oxygen atmosphere on Jupiter's moon Europa
The detection of atomic oxygen emission from Europa is reported, which is interpreted as being produced by the simultaneous dissociation and excitation of atmospheric O2 by electrons from Jupiter's magnetosphere.
Transient Water Vapor at Europa’s South Pole
Europa's Plumes Jupiter's moon Europa has a subsurface ocean and a relatively young icy surface, and spectral images taken by the Hubble Space Telescope show ultraviolet emissions from the moon's atmosphere that are consistent with two 200-km-high plumes of water vapor.
Interaction of the Jovian magnetosphere with Europa: Constraints on the neutral atmosphere
A three-dimensional plasma model was developed to understand the sources and sinks that maintain Europa's neutral atmosphere and to study the interaction of the Jovian magnetosphere with this
The Pluto system: Initial results from its exploration by New Horizons
The New Horizons encounter revealed that Pluto displays a surprisingly wide variety of geological landforms, including those resulting from glaciological and surface-atmosphere interactions as well as impact, tectonic, possible cryovolcanic, and mass-wasting processes.
Carbon Monoxide on Jupiter: Evidence for Both Internal and External Sources
Abstract Thirteen lines of the CO band near 4.7 μm have been observed on a jovian hot spot at a resolution of 0.045 cm−1. The measured line profiles indicate that the CO mole fraction is 1.0±0.2 ppb
Titan's upper atmosphere: Composition and temperature from the EUV solar occultation results
The temperature and composition of the upper atmosphere of Titan have been inferred by observing an occultation of the sun by Titan, using the Voyager 1 ultraviolet spectrometer. The temperature is