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Surface-Functionalized COMB Capacitive Sensors and CMOS Electronics for Vapor Trace Detection of Explosives
In this paper, we present a miniature detection system, which is able to detect and selectively recognize different vapor traces of explosives. It is based on surface-functionalized array of COMB
Optimal deployment of shadowed registers in systems with serial clock distribution
This work proposes the necessary design flow modification and seeks the optimal clock signal allocation for the deployment of shadowed registers subject to timing constraints and minimal area overhead.
Sensitivity Comparison of Vapor Trace Detection of Explosives Based on Chemo-Mechanical Sensing with Optical Detection and Capacitive Sensing with Electronic Detection
The measurements of the sensor response to TNT are performed under equal conditions for both systems, and the results show that CE system with ultrasensitive electronics is far superior to optical detection using MEMS.
Chemical Selectivity and Sensitivity of a 16-Channel Electronic Nose for Trace Vapour Detection
A matrix of responses of differently functionalized microcapacitors is presented and it is proposed that chemical selectivity of multichannel e-nose could be enhanced by using artificial intelligence deep learning methods.
Automated Robust Design and Optimization of Integrated Circuits by Means of Penalty Functions
An automated robust IC design and optimization process derived from the design algorithms utilized manually by experienced analog IC designers is proposed by transforming the robust design and optimized problem into a constrained optimization problem using tradeoff planes and penalty functions.
Tunable bandpass sigma delta modulator using one input parameter
A bandpass sigma delta modulator is proposed with a noise transfer function that is tunable by means of one parameter only. The centre frequency can be tuned in the range between DC to half the
Improving the Chemical Selectivity of an Electronic Nose to TNT, DNT and RDX Using Machine Learning
These experiments clearly demonstrate that the silane monolayers used in the authors' sensors as receptor layers are particularly well suited to selecting and recognizing TNT and similar types of explosives from among other substances.
Mixed-Signal Circuits Modelling and Simulations Using Matlab
  • D. Strle
  • Computer Science
  • 10 October 2011
Since large modern IC’s usually contain many mixed-signal functions, it is necessary to model and simulate the analogue and the digital, and to produce a bit-true model early in the design to take all aspects of the design into consideration.
Advanced Decimator Modeling with a HDL Conversion in Mind
This chapter describes the use of Simulink and its library blocks in conjunction with the HDL Coder tool in order to produce a HDL representation of the model, suitable for synthesis into digital logic hardware for implementation on devices such as FPGA and ASICs.