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Marginal lands in Europe: Causes of decline
Summary This article analyses the mechanisms behind changes in agricultural land use. Intensification of land use on the one hand, and abandonment on the other have had important consequences forExpand
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Rural development in the digital age: A systematic literature review on unequal ICT availability, adoption, and use in rural areas
This paper presents a systematic review of 157 papers on digital developments and rural development in advanced countries. It focuses on the general conclusions, in order to better understand theExpand
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Migration to less-popular rural areas in the Netherlands: Exploring the motivations
Abstract Migration into rural areas is often explained in terms of the rural idyll, the attraction of the countryside with its less hurried way of life in a quiet, spacious and green environment.Expand
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Migration Intentions of Rural Youth in the Westhoek, Flanders, Belgium and the Veenkolonien, The Netherlands.
‘Should I stay or should I leave my home region?’ is one of the key life course questions that many young people must address as they grow to maturity. Social mobility increasingly presupposesExpand
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Different Areas, Different People? Migration to Popular and Less‐Popular Rural Areas in the Netherlands
Counterurbanisation is often conceptualised as urban, middle-class movers attracted by an idyllic rural setting. However, knowing that rural areas differ in their popularity for living, we argue thatExpand
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Identifying social innovations in European local rural development initiatives
Social innovation is attracting increasing attention in research and policy, heightened by continuing austerity across Europe. Therefore, this paper examines earlier research into community-led localExpand
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Farmland abandonment in Europe: identification of drivers and indicators, and development of a composite indicator of risk
Accounting for more than half of the European Union’s (EU) territory, agriculture ensures food production, manages important natural resources and supports socio-economic development of rural areas.Expand
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Relating land-use intensity and biodiversity at the regional scale
Summary Changes in biodiversity are often attributed to economically driven land-use changes, but the relation is not too well documented. Land-use changes involve both changes to a differentExpand
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Evaluation of Nature Conservation
Recent literature shows a lively debate on how tocapture ecological and environmental aspects indifferent evaluation methods and the closely relatedissue of the (im)possibilities of monetizationExpand
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Rural broadband initiatives in the Netherlands as a training ground for neo-endogenous development
Rural broadband is assumed to be a solution to a variety of rural issues, yet the delivery of broadband to rural areas remains problematic. On the basis of a database of 75 rural broadbandExpand
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