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Mechanics of Continua
So far we have treated only point-like particles; an exception was the treatment of the rigid body in Chap. 8. In this chapter we will investigate deformable bodies, for a twofold reason: (1) Expand
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Survival of pathogenic micro-organisms and parasites in excreta, manure and sewage sludge.
  • D. Strauch
  • Biology, Medicine
  • Revue scientifique et technique
  • 1 September 1991
The causative agents of many infectious diseases are excreted by the faecal route and also with other excretions or secretions of the body. Some pathogens are also excreted from clinically healthyExpand
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Inactivation of viruses in liquid manure.
The stability of some viruses and methods of virus inactivation in liquid manure are reviewed. The authors discuss experimental data on the stability of foot and mouth disease virus, classical swineExpand
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Hygienic aspects of the production and agricultural use of animal wastes.
Regarding the hygienic aspects of the production and use of animal wastes, further research on the following aspects is essential: pathogenic agents present in residues of animal production in theExpand
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Phonon dispersion in GaAs
The authors have determined the phonon dispersion curves in GaAs at 12 K for wavevectors along the six directions Gamma -( Delta )-X-( Sigma )- Gamma -( Lambda )-L-X-(Z)-W-(Q)-L by high-precisionExpand
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Ab initio calculation of the linewidth of various phonon modes in germanium and silicon
The 2n+1 theorem and the density-functional perturbation theory have been used to calculate anharmonic force constants completely ab initio. Explicit expressions for the anharmonic coupling constantsExpand
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Microbiological Treatment of Municipal Sewage Sludge and Refuse as Means of Disinfection Prior to Recycling in Agriculture
Publisher Summary This chapter explains the microbiological treatment of municipal sewage sludge and refuse as means of disinfection prior to recycling in agriculture. The municipal sewage sludgesExpand
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Lattice dynamics of alpha -quartz. I. Experiment
Using inelastic neutron scattering the authors have determined seven out of the nine dispersion branches of each of the Delta 1, Delta 2 and Delta 3 representations for wavevectors along theExpand
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