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Conservation Status and Conservation Strategies of threatened aquatic fern Marsilea quadrifolia L. in Europe
The aquatic fern Marsilea quadrifolia L is a rare and threatened species in entire Europe due to wetland habitats destruction and changing agricultural practices. To protect it, in situ and ex situExpand
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A novel methodological approach for the analysis of host-ligand interactions.
Traditional analysis of drug-binding data relies upon the Scatchard formalism. These methods rely upon the fitting of a linear equation providing intercept and gradient data that relate to physicalExpand
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The occurrence of the alien plant species cenchrus longispinus on the Danube delta shore (North west Black sea coast): threats and possible impacts on the local biodiversity
One of the main threats to the biodiversity of the Danube Delta Biosphere Reserve (DDBR) is the invasive alien species. To develop a sustainable conservation and to implement protection strategies ofExpand
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The Demographic Success of Marsilea Quadrifolia L. in a Man-Made Water Body from Danube Delta Biosphere Reservation
Abstract Marsilea quadrifolia L. (water clover) is a unique species from Romanian flora that belongs to the Marsileaceae family and is one of the most vulnerable plants in Europe due to the loss ofExpand
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The multiannual regime of precipitation in Târgu Jiu Depression (Gorjului Subcarpathians) over the 1961-2010 period.
This paper analyzes the temporal precipitation characteristics of the Târgu Jiu Depression, Getic Subcarpathians (South West Romania) over the 1961-2010 period. The study used monthly precipitationExpand