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L'A. analyse le role attribue au chemin de fer lors des preparations de la premiere guerre mondiale et demontre comment le chemin de fer a accompli ce role, ainsi que son impact sur le pouvoir desExpand
With Our Backs to the Wall: Victory and Defeat in 1918
At the end of 1917 Britain and France faced a strategic nightmare. Their great offensives against Germany had been calamitous, leaving hundreds of thousands of young men dead and wounded forExpand
The King's Scottish Revenues and the Covenanters, 1625–1651
The ordinary revenue of the kings of Scotland in the early seventeenth century was drawn from a wide variety of sources. The comptroller received the revenues known as ‘property’ - fixed revenues andExpand
Learning from the past: the relevance of international history
This article is based on an inaugural lecture for the Stevenson Chair in International History, given at the London School of Economics (LSE) in October 2012. It re-examines the origins in Britain inExpand
Revolution and Counter Revolution in Scotland, 1644 - 1651
In 1644 a massive army of Scottish Covenanters moved over the border into England, claiming they were not invading their neighbour but acting to save its liberties, by helping ensure that theExpand
Deposition of Ministers in the Church of Scotland Under the Covenanters, 1638–1651
tlh later great purges associated with the Restoration (of monarchy and episcopacy) in the 1660s and with the Revolution and re-establishment of presbyterianism in 1688-1690. Before 1638, for allExpand
Purpose, place, people and passion: The Case of the Lammermuir Festival, East Lothian, Scotland
In 2017 Cheltenham Music Festival, the Philharmonia Orchestra, the Lammermuir Festival and Welsh National Opera were all nominated for the Royal Philharmonic Society Music Award for best concertExpand