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Effects of momentum transfer in compound channels
Different methods of considering the shear stresses between a main channel and its flood plains are discussed. The methods considered include the simplistic method of considering the entire hydraulicExpand
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Hydrogeology of Glacial-Terrain Lakes, with Management and Planning Applications
Abstract The subject of the relationship between groundwater and lakes is characterized by sparse information and, in general, has received limited attention by hydrologists. Nevertheless, theExpand
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Stormwater hydrology and drainage
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Kinematic hydrology and modelling
1. Introduction. Historical review. Classical hydrology. Hydrodynamic equations. Infiltration. 2. Analysis of Runoff. Introduction. Dynamic equations. Simplified equations. The kinematic equations.Expand
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Finite Difference Formulations of Kinematic Equations
The accuracy of finite-difference solutions to the kinematic equations for runoff modeling is affected when numerical diffusion or instability occurs. The effect of grid ratio and the spatial andExpand
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Mars Ascent Vehicle - Concept Development
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Improved four-point solution of the kinematic equations
In finite difference solutions of the kinematic equations for overland flow, uncontrolled numerical diffusion can be introduced into a system by the finite difference scheme. A formulation forExpand
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