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Optimizing the beam pattern of a forward-viewing ring-annular ultrasound array for intravascular imaging
Intravascular ultrasound (IVUS) imaging systems using circumferential arrays mounted on cardiac catheter tips fire beams orthogonal to the principal axis of the catheter. The system produces highExpand
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CMOS chip for invasive ultrasound imaging
A very small transmit/receiver chip has been developed for use in an arterial ultrasonic imaging system. Expand
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Blood speed imaging with an intraluminal array
In applications in which Doppler processing is not possible, such as side-looking intravascular imaging systems, decorrelation methods can be used to estimate blood speed. Expand
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Coded EXcitation with spectrum inversion (CEXSI) for ultrasound array imaging
In this paper, a scheme called coded excitation with spectrum inversion (CEXSI) is presented. An established optimal binary code whose spectrum has no nulls and possesses the least variation isExpand
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Forward-looking intracardiac ultrasound imaging using a 1-D CMUT array integrated with custom front-end electronics
Minimally invasive catheter-based electrophysiological (EP) interventions are becoming a standard procedure in diagnosis and treatment of cardiac arrhythmias. As a result of technological advancesExpand
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Catheter arrays: can intravascular ultrasound make a difference in managing coronary artery disease
A real-time, synthetic phased array system using a 64 element, high efficiency, ceramic piezoelectric transducer operating at 20 MHz. Expand
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5A-1 Multi-frequency Array Development for Drug Delivery Therapies: Characterization and First Use of a Triple Row Ultrasound Probe
Ultrasound-mediated drug delivery involves the application of acoustic energy to manipulate drug carrying vehicles in the microvasculature. The therapeutic goal is a site-targeted delivery of aExpand
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A forward-viewing ring-annular array for intravascular ultrasound imaging
We have investigated IVUS array design and image synthesis methods allowing simultaneous sideward imaging at 20MHz and forward imaging at 10MHz. This design is appropriate for over-the-wire deliveryExpand
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Initial results from a forward-viewing ring-annular ultrasound array for intravascular imaging
In this paper, we present some initial results from our proposed forward viewing ring-annular array for intravascular ultrasound imaging. We have investigated array design and image synthesisExpand
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5A-3 Spatial and Temporal Controlled Tissue Heating on a Modified Clinical Ultrasound Scanner for Generating Mild Hyperthermia in Tumors
We present a new system for generating controlled tissue heating with a clinical ultrasound scanner and initial in vitro and in vivo results that demonstrate both transient and sustained heating inExpand
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