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Temperature-responsive silk-elastinlike protein polymer enhancement of intravesical drug delivery of a therapeutic glycosaminoglycan for treatment of interstitial cystitis/painful bladder syndrome.
Interstitial cystitis (IC), also known as painful bladder syndrome, is a debilitating chronic condition with many patients failing to respond to current treatment options. Rapid clearance, mucosalExpand
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Location of stimuli-responsive peptide sequences within silk-elastinlike protein-based polymers affects nanostructure assembly and drug–polymer interactions
Abstract Silk-elastinlike protein polymers (SELPs) self-assemble into nanostructures when designed with appropriate silk-to-elastin ratios. Here, we investigate the effect of insertion of a matrixExpand
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Matrix Mediated Viral Gene Delivery: A Review.
Polymeric matrices inherently protect viral vectors from pre-existing immune conditions, limit dissemination to off-target sites, and can sustain vector release. Advancing methodologies inExpand
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A dual-functional Embolization-Visualization System for Fluorescence image-guided Tumor Resection
Rationale: Intraoperative bleeding impairs physicians' ability to visualize the surgical field, leading to increased risk of surgical complications and reduced outcomes. Bleeding is particularlyExpand
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Silk-elastinlike copolymers enhance bioaccumulation of semisynthetic glycosaminoglycan ethers for prevention of radiation induced proctitis.
Radiation-induced proctitis (RIP) is a debilitating adverse event that occurs commonly during lower abdominal radiotherapy. The lack of prophylactic treatment strategies leads to diminished patientExpand
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