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The many faces of the trabecular meshwork cell
ABSTRACT With the combined purpose of facilitating useful vision over a lifetime, a number of ocular cells have evolved specialized features not found elsewhere in the body. The trabecular meshworkExpand
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Major review: Exfoliation syndrome; advances in disease genetics, molecular biology, and epidemiology
ABSTRACT Exfoliation syndrome (XFS) is a common age‐related disorder that leads to deposition of extracellular fibrillar material throughout the body. The most recognized disease manifestation isExpand
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Differential response and withdrawal profile of glucocorticoid‐treated human trabecular meshwork cells
Abstract The goal of the study was to examine secreted protein response and withdrawal profiles from cultured human trabecular meshwork (HTM) cells following short‐ and long‐term glucocorticoidExpand
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Using Key Performance Indicators and Multi-Criteria Decision Analysis to Compare the Sustainability of Mobility
This work provides a method for comparing the relative sustainability of multiple modes of personal transportation by using key performance indicators and the multi-criteria decision analysis method PROMETHEE II. Expand
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Erstellung eines generischen Datenmodells zur Implementierung eines Sustainability CRM
  • D. Stamer
  • Political Science, Computer Science
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  • 2013
Die vorliegende Arbeit beschaftigt sich mit der Findung eines generischen Datenmodells, welches es einem potenziellen Anwender ermoglicht, das Konzept eines Sustainability CRM als Anwendungssystem umzusetzen. Expand
Telemetric Transport Mode Validation
This paper introduces a model for the validation of transportation modes by processing sequences of geospatial data in a telemetric fashion. This deals with a validation problem, if a customer is inExpand
Thérapie par arni pour le traitement et/ou la prévention du glaucome
La presente invention concerne un agent induisant un ARNi capable de reduire et/ou d'inhiber l'expression de proteines associees au complexe de jonction serree reliant les cellules endotheliales duExpand
Reduced Oxidative Phosphorylation and Increased Glycolysis in Human Glaucoma Lamina Cribrosa Cells
Purpose The lamina cribrosa (LC) is a key site of damage in glaucomatous optic neuropathy. We previously found that glaucoma LC cells have an increased profibrotic gene expression, with mitochondrialExpand
Categorization of Unlabelled Customer-Related Data Using Methods from Compensatory Fuzzy Logic
This paper introduces an approach to enable categorization of unlabelled customer-related data by using methods from Compensatory Fuzzy Logic and the WWWA(A)-model. Expand
The ecological dimension of sustainability in the meaning of consumption of natural resources is one important topic of our times. The transportation of goods and persons has a major impact onExpand
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