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Synthesis, Self-Assembly, and Solar Cell Performance of N-Annulated Perylene Diimide Non-Fullerene Acceptors
The synthesis, characterization, and photovoltaic performance of a series of N-annulated PDI materials is presented. Four novel N-annulated PDI compounds are reported, each of which can beExpand
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ECE-Type Pincer Complexes of Nickel
Pincer complexes of transition metals have demonstrated valuable catalytic reactivities and desirable properties as functional materials. Much more is known about pincer complexes of noble metals,Expand
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From esters to alcohols and back with ruthenium and osmium catalysts.
There and back again: hydrogenation of esters and the reverse reaction of dehydrogenative coupling of alcohols are efficiently catalyzed by dimeric complexes of Ru and Os under neutral conditions.Expand
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Osmium and Ruthenium Catalysts for Dehydrogenation of Alcohols
A series of pincer-type complexes of Os and Ru have been synthesized and investigated in catalytic alcohol dehydrogenation. The hydrides OsHCl(CO)[HN(C2H4PiPr2)2] and OsH2(CO)[HN(C2H4PiPr2)2] possessExpand
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Replacing phosphorus with sulfur for the efficient hydrogenation of esters.
Catalyst tune-up: A readily available, air-stable amino-sulfide catalyst, [RuCl(2)(PPh(3)){HN(C(2)H(4)SEt)(2)}], has been developed. This complex displays outstanding efficiency for the hydrogenationExpand
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Acceptorless Dehydrogenative Coupling of Ethanol and Hydrogenation of Esters and Imines
This paper presents an outstanding air-stable ruthenium catalyst that has unprecedented efficiency (TON up to 17 000) for acceptorless dehydrogenative coupling of ethanol, yielding ethyl acetate andExpand
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Regioselective Hydroamination of Acrylonitrile Catalyzed by Cationic Pincer Complexes of Nickel(II)
The cationic pincer-type complexes [{(i-Pr2PCH2CH2)2CH}Ni(NCCH3)][BPh4] (1), [{2,6-(i-Pr2PCH2)2-C6H3}Ni(NCCH3)][BPh4] (2), [{2,6-(i-Pr2PO)2-C6H3}Ni(NCCH3)][BPh4] (3), andExpand
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New POCN-Type Pincer Complexes of Nickel(II) and Nickel(III)
Unsymmetrical POC(H)N-type pincer ligands react with NiBr2(NCMe)x to give the complexes (POCN)NiIIBr (POCN= κP,κC,κN-{2-(i-Pr2PO),6-(NR2CH2)-C6H3}; NR2= 3-morpholino (3a), NMe2 (3b), and NEt2 (3c)).Expand
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Chemoselective hydrogenation of carbonyl compounds and acceptorless dehydrogenative coupling of alcohols.
OsHCl(CO)[κ(3)-PyCH2NHC2H4NHPtBu2] is the first efficient catalyst for chemoselective reduction of challenging unsaturated esters to enols and for acceptorless coupling of amines with MeOH and EtOHExpand
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Monomeric and dimeric nickel complexes derived from a pincer ligand featuring a secondary amine donor moiety.
Reaction of NiBr(2)(CH(3)CN)(x) with the unsymmetrical pincer ligand m-(i-Pr(2)PO)(CH(2)NHBn)C(6)H(4) (Bn = CH(2)Ph) gives the complexExpand
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