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Characterization of Three Photodetector Types for Computed Tomography Dosimetry
In this study three commercial semiconductor devices were characterized in the laboratory for computed tomography dosimetry: one photodiode and two phototransistors. It was evaluated four responsesExpand
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TL properties of anhydrous CaSO4:Tm improvement
Abstract CaSO4:Tm is excellent phosphors for dosimetry of ionising radiations due to their high sensitivity, wide dose range (from 10−6 to 1 Gy), relatively simple trap structure, good chemical,Expand
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Fluence-to-dose conversion coefficients based on the posture modification of Adult Male (AM) and Adult Female (AF) reference phantoms of ICRP 110
Abstract The aim of this work was to modify the standing posture of the anthropomorphic reference phantoms of ICRP publication 110, AM (Adult Male) and AF (Adult Female), to the sitting posture. TheExpand
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Thermoluminescent dosimetric comparison for two different MgB4O7:Dy production routes
Abstract There are several routes employed for the production of synthetic magnesium tetraborate, for example, sol–gel method, combustion, wet reaction synthesis, solid-state route and precipitationExpand
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Dosimetric properties of natural brazilian topaz: A thermally stimulated exoeletronic emission and thermoluminescence study
Abstract The dosimetric properties of natural colourless Brazilian topaz were studied via thermally stimulated exoeletronic emission (TSEE) and thermoluminescence (TL) techniques. The samples wereExpand
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Performance of pellets and composites of natural colourless topaz as radiation dosemeters.
The aim of the present work is to investigate the possibility of using the properties of the thermoluminescent emission (TL) of Brazilian natural topaz for dosimetric applications. Topaz is anExpand
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Thermoluminescence of brazilian topaz
Abstract Thermoluminiscence measurements were performed on samples of yellowish Brazilian Topaz from Acari, MG. Virgin samples revealed peaks 2 and 4 at about 150 and 300°C. respectively, while inExpand
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Onyx as radiation detector for high doses
Abstract A study of the thermoluminescent (TL) characteristics of white, black and stripped onyx samples is reported in this work. Onyx is a variety of chalcedony, a form of quartz. The onyx stone isExpand
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Influence of thermal treatment on the Raman, infrared and TL responses of natural topaz
Abstract Analyses of thermoluminescence (TL) and thermally stimulated exoelectron emission have proved that the natural Brazilian topaz is a promising material for dosimetry of ionizing radiation.Expand
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Preparation of composites of topaz embedded in glass matrix for applications in solid state thermoluminescence dosimetry
Natural colourless Brazilian topaz was combined with commercial silica glass to produce composites of topaz–glass for application in dosimetry. The preparation of the composites involved theExpand
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